In Sihaoukville: Lunch with Reptiles..

All Around Cambodia, Sihanoukville / Tuesday, April 20th, 2010

On the last day of our Sihanoukville trip, we dropped by The Snake House. My friend N, have heard about this place and that it has a mini-zoo and we wanted the kids to see it.

Snake House Restaurant

The Snake House was built by a Russian biologist and we were surprised to find a really lush forest-like place with a unique theme restaurant, a collection of birds, fishes, crocodiles and of course, reptiles specially snakes. Of course, the kids had a blast looking at the different snakes (and thankfully they were all in secure glass terrariums..) if not you can imagine me hyperventilating all the way..

I’m not posting most of the photos of the snakes here as I know some of you might be a little queasy about it, but those who want to see the pictures, go check my Gallery page and browse the album Sihanoukville 2010. It was a really interesting place, specially when I saw these dining tables with terrariums in the middle and what else but snakes inside.

Hmm, I know that is an interesting concept but somehow staring at the writhing snake while I’m munching on my dinner is a little off for me. For sure I won’t be needing anything to control my appetite if I ever eat on this table. I would definitely be busy looking at that snake..Luckily there are still a lot of other seating options you can choose inside the restaurant.

And I just love this beautiful aquarium with lots of fishes and stunning lighting that also serves as a bar. We settled on sitting near this aquarium and I diligently stared at those nice display of corals with a another small aquarium with a turtle inside and tried to forget that there were snakes on the other part of the restaurant.

And you know what, I managed to eat, a lot actually! The food is not bad, a bit pricier than other Sihanoukville restaurants but with that unique atmosphere and things to see, it was worth visiting. This one is definitely going to ‘unique places’ I’ve visited.

Snake House is located near Victory Beach, Sihanoukville Cambodia. They also have cottages you can rent in very elegant Khmer design and at good prices too.

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  2. hi kayni, yep interesting sya though if we chose that table I would have been snake watching too rather than eating..

    Their aquarium/bar is huge and very very nice ..

  3. Hi, thanks for adding my link here… 🙂
    Do you know that I’m a guy from Sihanouk Ville? When I first saw these photos of Snake House, I was (awww) excited and really missed my hometown so much.
    Anyway, you have made a very good site, esp. on some posts about Sihanouk Ville. 😉

  4. @Ing Leng Ieng, thanks for the visit. I like your site, lots of nice photos.. For sure I’ll be visiting your blog often =)

    We love going to Sihanoukville during weekends, its laid back and a really relaxing place and it has really improved a lot the past few years.

    Good luck with your studies and hope you can come back to Sihanoukville soon =)

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