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Living in Phnom Penh / Saturday, January 30th, 2010

Since my sister came last week and has been looking for a job here in Phnom Penh, I’d been familiar with job sites here that she has been constantly checking. Previously, I have also received emails from readers (lol! I have readers pala.. I thought only my relatives read this :P) about which sites are best to use when searching for jobs here in Phnom Penh. I then came up with listing of which sites are currently being used for posting job opportunities. Surprisingly there are several sites offering this type of service which is a good thing for Cambodia.

There’s room for improvement though and I’ve noticed that most of these Cambodia job sites contain similar job postings, so best check all out and choose which sites has the functionality and interface you feel at ease at. Just click on the site name and it’ll link you up with the website..

  • CamHr – good interface, easy navigation plus the categorization are a big help. Focused primarily on jobs and recruitment. Good listing and constantly updated.
  • BongThom – popular classified ads site with job openings section. I like the wealth of information you can find here but I do wish they could improve how the site looks.
  • KhmerWS – job listings, forums, chat. Clean interface though the listings available are not as extensive as the two sites mentioned above.
  • EBMCambodia – well designed website, good navigation, easy to use. Good number of job listings plus ability to filter your job search. You can also find language training, career training as well as overseas study postings.
  • PelPrek – good listing, clean and simple interface. Also features some downloadable resources for job seekers.
  • CambodiaJobPage – more like an aggregator of several Cambodia job sites. Jobseekers can also post their resumes for potential employers to browse.

Other useful sites:

  • CambodiaJobs –  a blog brimming with information about Cambodia job postings, scholarships, training, volunteer posts etc.
  • JobsAbroad – excellent resource for teaching, internship, volunteer and job opportunities abroad.

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  2. Hi. Sir/ Madam, i am a job seeker and now i am finding a job to do, if you know the job that link to my knowlege(IT Programming), Please send to me.

  3. hi kamusta i just arrived 4days ago primarily to visit my older brother and to look around..from my 4days of staying im starting to like phnom penh maybe it is not far away from home and the culture is not that different from ours by the way im a filipino, now im starting to think to look for a job. do you have any advice for me, by the way i was a flight attendant before for 9 years then jump to anothe career as a bellman in a five star hotel.. hope to hear from you guys. thankyou maraming ssalamat

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