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General, Philippines / Saturday, December 22nd, 2012

And so I’m here in the Philippines for the holidays. And finding it so hard to find time to blog.

For two main reasons. The internet is crappy. I’m using just mobile broadband and I could never get satisfied with it. I think its just enough for checking email but definitely not for blogging.

And my second excuse? The holiday frenzy. It’s just unbelievable and I find myself sucked into the feverish excitement Pinoys have for Christmas. Everyone is shopping, eating, shopping, eating, shopping. It’s just crazy. Hahaha. I think I’ve sort of forgotten how it really feels to celebrate Christmas here. Festive, fun, busy, and full of parties.

Last week, we were in Manila, and I tried to brave the malls to do a bit of shopping. And I gave up. I think the half of Manila was in the malls. Sigh. I guess, I’m not cut out for too much of that frenzied shopping.

Thankfully, were now here in Albay province and its a whole lot less crowded than Manila. And its not polluted too so I could breathe easy.

But having enumerated my complaints, I’m still over the moon about spending the holidays here. There’s nothing really like being home and being with loved ones. And yes, I’ve been reliving my childhood memories of going to simbang gabi (midnight mass), eating a lot of puto bumbong and bibingka, hearing Christmas carols from neighborhood kids.

Well, its just pretty awesome..

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