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General, Living in Phnom Penh / Friday, September 7th, 2012

I know my blog title doesn’t make sense. Lol. I’m just too lazy uninspired to think of a nice, snazzy blog post title. Anyway this is just a -random-what’s-going-on-with-my-life-here-in-Phnom-Penh blog post. Hmm, this really wouldn’t interest people much, noh? But I don’t care, I just wanna blabber on.

Our travel plans for this quarter has been thrown out of the loop when hubby’s few months trip abroad was moved to an earlier date. And I was pleasantly surprised that when he was asked to pick which Asian country he wants to go to for the next for the next four months, he picked Philippines. I asked why and he said, he misses the chaos in Manila, fatty food and of course, he wants all of us to spend Christmas all together in Bicol. Wheeee, he knows I’ve been really wanting to spend Christmas with my mom. So I’m happy and ecstatic.

But this week, I suddenly realized, wow!! the kiddo and I would be just ‘alone’ here in Phnom Penh for four months. That’s enough to get me frothing in the mouth hahahaha. But I can manage, it was just a momentary panic and I can imagine being lonely. Thankfully, my sister is here too, though living in another house, and also my MIL constantly checks on us, so everything is fine.

And since Hi-ace is going away, he has been pressuring me to learn how to drive. I don’t really have a problem learning but Phnom Penh traffic just freaks me out. But since now I won’t have anyone to ferry me around, I had to learn. It was quite easy, I just enrolled in a driving school and after 10 days I’m okay with driving here. I have also taken the written and practical tests for the license and I passed. I was full of nerves but I managed.

Now, I just keep wishing fly would just fly fast enough so I won’t have time to be lonely. I just can’t wait for December, you know.

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