Just Ranting Bout My ISP!

Living in Phnom Penh / Sunday, November 22nd, 2009

I’m posting this one at a cafe. It’s entirely my fault anyway that our internet connection was cut off coz I totally forgot to pay the bill for October. The thing is were using MetNet and they don’t have a decent billing system. I was expecting I would be receiving a bill either by snail mail or email but nada, they would simply text you your bill for the month and when is the due date. They would usually do this two weeks before the due and two weeks is a long time for a person as frenzied as me.

Another thing I don’t like about the MetNet billing system is that you can’t check how much bandwidth you have already consumed and you simply have to take their word for how much your bill is. That is really hard to swallow for a conscentious consumer like myself. They just text you like, “Ok Customer____, Your bill for October is $___. Please pay by ___.” They don’t even mention how much MB/GB of bandwidth i have consumed so I am really doubtful now about the service.

I’m thinking now of changing my plan to just the 128kpbs but with unlimited upload/download for only $35, instead of the current one I’m using (256/2.5GB upload/download). Or if they can’t present me with detailed listing of my consumption when I go to their service center, then I’m considering terminating my subscription. Their service is okay, there are downtimes but nothing that can interfere with my work, what really just totally gets to my nerves is their billing system.

I feel highly doubtful about how much I consume coz for the past two months I’ve been strictly monitoring my usage with a bandwidth monitor. Last month my monitor says I have consumed 1.9GB less than the limit but my bill came in $75 when its supposed to be $35. So I called their customer service center and has been passed on from one person to another without getting any answer. I’ve also asked if its possible for me to check my bandwidth consumption online (like QBMore) but they don’t have that kind of facility. They really just expect you to pay whatever they say. I’m really okay with paying no matter how much as long as I am sure that is how much I have used..

You can say I’m really frustrated and I feel like digging my heels and delaying paying for their charge until they could give me an itemized report of my bill. Still, I work online, I have heaps of writing to submit, blogs to update, emails to check, people to keep up with.

I’m thinking of just paying it next month just to show them that I am seriously irked. Grrr!!! I really thought this is the service for me, but it seems you really can’t just have everything.

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  1. OOOO. Its not a good way of providing the bill their costumers.  They should be polite and humble about that.  Doing well to share this experience with us

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