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General / Thursday, November 12th, 2009

I’m in a bit of a crabby mood since Monday.. Oh, did I mention it was holiday again last Monday here in Cambodia? Anyway, we did accomplish a lot this past weekend. Played around with my little garden, re-potted some of my orchids. Hi-ace even bought a really big pot, filled it with water coz he and Chinks are planning to grow lotus or lilies as well as grow some fish. Cool idea and they are having a blast..

I had been building several new websites including Hi-ace’s (..I’m not publishing the link yet.. hehe when its ready..) as well as some other new niche blog sites. I want to experiment with different streams of income I could get online.  Some will have Adsense etc, some will focus on doing reviews, some I intend to build to sell text links in the future. The thing is, once the site is up and running, what then takes time is of course, content writing and building links. This could be really tedious, from exchanging links to directory listing, etc. So here I am really slaving but making money online is just as tough as having your own business and you really have to put in much effort. Not that I’m complaining, in fact I find it really interesting and fun.

I also got myself sunburned!! And obviously I’m not happy about it. I mean who would but anyway I did enjoy myself despite the burnt skin. Last Monday, we went to a pagoda somewhere in the nearby province. We all opted to ride a tuk-tuk haha just for the experience and for sure I did enjoy the countryside more so I was always sticking my face out of the tuk-tuk hence the sunburns. Will write more about the pagoda visit soon.. It was definitely interesting! Another unique insight to Cambodian culture.

For now, I’m staying inside the house since I don’t want to aggravate my already roasted skin. And I’m also getting a lot of writing done. I also felt like doing some reading again. Light reading preferably something for young adults. There are times I like doing this, it’s refreshing to read not so serious stuff so I picked Meg Cabot’s Princess Diaries series. I know I watched the movie but after reading the first book, its different and I think the book was better. The whole series has 10 books plus some short novels (Meg Cabot calls it ‘half’ books) and  I’m on the 5th book already (see I got hooked!)  and I’m actually feeling better! Ahh!! Sometimes, I do wish I was still a teenager with nothing to worry about but my acne or what dress to pick for my prom.

Bye for now. I have to feed the fish! Why is that I’m given this task? I mean it was their idea in the first place to have these fishes so why am I the one tasked to feed it regularly? I guess I was simply outvoted.

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