Cambodia Snapshots: Neighborhood Stores

Cambodia Snapshots, Cambodian Culture / Monday, December 10th, 2012

This just reminds me so much of growing up in the province in the Philippines. We have small sari-sari (mixed bag) stores like this in our village. And it just makes my day to visit them and buy some bubble gum and chips.

Cambodian Store

And I was so pleased to see that they have it here in Cambodia too! I mean, they are just the best when you suddenly crave for salty fish crackers, and you don’t want to be bothered to fix yourself to go visit a grocery store or a market. You just pop out of the house, walk to the nearest louk komlaing, and buy your junk food fix.

Lol. In fact, whenever I’m guilty of missing my exercises, I walk around the neighborhood instead (my fave form of exercise, ha!) and pop in one of these small shops. My fave buys would be the spicy biscuits, fish crackers and taro/jack fruit chips.

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