Khmer Street Food: Nom Cheun

I realized I haven’t been posting about Khmer street food! And that for me is a sign that I’ve grown too accustomed to street food here. Living in Phnom Penh have made it just second nature for me to gobble these up and not think I just ate something unusual and worth blogging about. It was only when I was checking my site stats that I realized some people search about Cambodian street foods! And Cambodian’s do have a lot of yummy street delights.

Here’s one of my favorites Fried Cakes or Nom Cheun. I always get this when I go to Boeung Keng Kang Market. It’s also available in most wet markets. You can find side walk sellers near the entrance of markets and selling these. Its usually available in the morning and afternoon. How much? A few hundred Riels.

Nom means cake. It can also refer to biscuits, rice cakes, bread etc. They just add some words to make it specific. But one thing to take note, when the word nom is included in a phrase, they are most probably talking about something edible and with flour. This type is also made specific by adding the word ‘cheun’ ie. nom cheun with ‘cheun’ meaning fried.

Anyway, after tasting a whole lot of them, I think these two are my favorite:

Nom Cheun Chrouk – what’s in it? flour, turnips and peanuts. Crunchy on the outside yet yummy soft inside.

Khmer Street Food

Nom Cheung Chrouk

Nom Krouch – flour, sesame seeds and green beans inside. Love the chewiness of this!

Khmer Street Food

I’ll be serving up more ‘Khmer street food‘ posts soon..

* Note that all Khmer ‘translations’ are just sound approximations..

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  1. Caren

    April 6, 2011 at 11:10 pm

    I really love food. Now, I want to try new dish. The picture looks very yummy. It makes me hungry.

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