Khmer Street Food: Prahat!

Cambodian Food & Cuisine, Living in Phnom Penh / Monday, October 19th, 2009

I love Khmer food and I’m really adventurous when it comes to trying out street foods.  Comes from being Asian I think and besides in the Philippines these stuff are part of our daily lives. I must say I miss eating street foods from home and to remedy that I’ve been so game trying out what’s in the streets of Phnom Penh. Except for those fried exotic insects, I had been having a blast tasting different kinds of Cambodian street foods.

I’ve been curious whenever I see those roving eateries that set up late afternoon on the sidewalks with small chairs and lots of young people as patrons. Most of them eating nom pang pate, some serve fruit shakes, but what I was interested in were the fried finger foods. Reminds me so much of Pinoy favorites – fishballs/squidballs/kwek-kwek (quail eggs coated in flour and deep fried)/calamares (squid rings dipped in flour and deep fried).


Khmer Prahat. Seriously Addictive.


The Cambodian version has lots of varieties. Hotdogs, beef balls, meat balls, sausages, veggies wrapped in fish wrappers, spicy ham and a lot more. I observed that Khmers like eating in balance. Each serving doesn’t just include several choices of sauce but it all comes with lots of herbs and cucumber. I love experimenting with the sauces and after trying them all I’m getting kind of confused about which one I prefer. The herbs balances the salty taste and the cucumber adds an extra crunch to it.

The variety of food and its unique Khmer taste makes one’s diet easy to forget. It’s easy to have food binge here and everytime that happens to me I contemplate going on a crash diet to offset the extra calories. Not good though..Anyway, if you’re into street food and wanna try out what Khmers eat along the streets, this is a must try. And oh, it tastes great with chilled tea.

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  1. Me likey-likey!
    The first street-food I had when I was bagong salta in PP was lo’chaa.  Needless to say, my stomach revolted not long after I had it. Hindi pa sanay ang tyan ko ahihihi. But now, I can eat almost anything without having stomach problems afterwards.

  2. z, masarap lo’cha di ba.. i love having it with pate and eggs as toppings. it tasted diff at first pero nasarapan ako the second time.. hehe immune na yata tummies natin.

  3. Enjoyed your article. My wife is Filipina and am a Bonehead Americano living in the Philippines now near  Iloilo City with my Sainted Patient Wife. I am not as brave as you are yet when it comes to trying out new street foods, but I’m sure I’ll adjust. I still have problems sitting next to my wife when she eats fish head soup!
    Loved your blog!

    1. hello dave, thank you for reading my blog. It takes time to get used to I know. The first time I ventured trying out street foods, I had a really bad stomachache but maybe that made me immune coz that was the first and last time I got sick 😀

      Fish bone head Hmm.. I don’t eat that too. I’m not good with bones. Though I love the soup.

      Checked your blog site.. Interesting. Once I saw the roosters I was reminded of our place in Albay and the times I had to wake up coz Dad’s roosters are just too noisy..

  4. Lui, you’re right, immune na tayo. Kung nagsasalita lang ang tummies natin, sasabihi nila “bring it on!” *LOL*. I love cooking Khmer food, too.  Buti na lang my landlady is so nice she lets me hang around whenever she cooks something special. Plus, I bought a recipe book from the NGO Friends… heaven 🙂
    I love lo’chaa, mi’chaa, kahit na ano! hahaha. Even bobo (porridge), lalo na with chicken, chicken liver at mushroom at budburan ng chili paste at ground pepper. Tsalap! Hayyy, nagutom lugod ako…

  5. I am Cambodian but raised pretty much here in the states. Every time I see pictures of Cambodia it’s the food that makes me so want to go there. I did had a chance to go back in summer 06 but didn’t stay long. Also I was restricted from eating a lot of stuff especially things that was made from chicken due to the bird flu scare =( As much as I wanted to try every single thing, I didn’t have a chance to do so. Now I regret it and looking forward to visiting Cambodia again.  Thank you very much for sharing your story and experience with my country, Cambodia.

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