Khmer Traditional Dance Performance At Koulen II Restaurant

All Around Cambodia, Cambodian Culture, Siem Reap / Tuesday, January 22nd, 2013

I received a few emails already asking where to watch a traditional Khmer dance performance in Siem Reap. Well, there are various venues for different budgets. But by far, my favorite would be at the Koulen Restaurant, along Sivatha Blvd. It’s right across Lucky Supermarket and just a short tuk tuk ride or walk from Pub Street/Old Market area.

Traditional Khmer Dance

Traditional Khmer Dance

It’s a great value place, since you pay for a dinner buffet ($12 for adults, $6 for kids) and at 7 pm or so, they have a show of several Khmer traditional dances. Some family and friends whom I have brought there liked it, mainly coz its budget friendly, and the show is entertaining and very colorful. It’s also not too long, just enough length to be enjoyable. The show is not the best around but its good enough if what you’re after is a nice overview of what Khmer dances are..

Traditional Khmer Dance

It’s always wise to book ahead to get good tables since the place usually is jam packed. You can easily as your guesthouse/hotel to make an advance booking for you. It’s also much better to arrive around 6:30-7 pm since the food tends to run out and you have to queue to get what you want.

Traditional Khmer Dance

Traditional Khmer Dance

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4 Replies to “Khmer Traditional Dance Performance At Koulen II Restaurant”

  1. Hi, glad to see your site. I’ve been to Siem Reap once, with a 3day stay with a friend in Phnom Penh. It is a lovely country, peaceful, and i like the food. We just took a bus to Siem Reap and realized the locals have lower fares! My friend said we just don’t talk because he bought the ticket, i guess we passed easily as Cambodians! I want actually to visit again during the rainy season, when the mosses are growing on the ruins, it might present a different character in that season!

    1. @andrea, glad you enjoyed your trip. Rainy season is actually my fave time in angkor, the colors are so vivid and spectacular in photos. About the fare, true that, and i always shut up too and ask khmer friends and relatives to buy tickets for us. Lucky us, we look similar

  2. We went here for the dinner buffet and performance when we visited Siem Reap last year. It was great and we all enjoyed both the food and the dancing!

    1. @brian, that’s great. I always enjoy the show too no matter how manh times i’ve seen it. I guess im just too amazed by the artistry, the subtle but very controlled movements. My khmer husband tells me khmer dances are all about storytelling using just slow precise movements.

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