Koh Kong IV: Koh Kong Safari World

All Around Cambodia, Koh Kong, Travel Time / Tuesday, March 30th, 2010

Finally. The last of my Koh Kong, Cambodia post series. Lol! I can’t imagine it has taken me several posts and several months to finish posting about a 3-day trip. Haha! Must be because it was an activity packed trip plus we went to some really interesting places. Read on the previous Koh Kong posts..

After our not crazy fruit shopping trip on the Thai border we went back to the Cambodian side. Next on the itinerary was the Koh Kong Resort’s Safari World. Remember the photo of that ornate hotel/casino I’ve posted on the the third Koh Kong post? That’s where the Safari World is. The kids were really excited to see the park. The grounds outside the park was pretty with lots of huge trees and a big pond where you can do a bit of sailing. It was also located right on the beach side so it was breezy and cool.


Koh Kong Safari World (2010)

The entrance.. hmm, a bit over the top if you ask me. But theme parks are mostly like that ..

Once we were at the entrance, I was told to zip up my mouth again and voila! I was inside having paid a lot cheaper ticket. Same thing everywhere else, foreigners are charged much higher than Khmers.

Koh Kong Safari World (2010)

Koh Kong Safari World (2010)

The park is well maintained, clean and I like the way there were park signs almost everywhere. Obviously, I’m the type to easily get lost, so this really helped. Anyway, the Safari World was not as big as I had envisioned but it still required a lot of walking. Some walkways are covered, some not. Good thing, I had my sunblock with me.

There were less animals on display compared to a zoo, mainly because the parks attractions were the animal shows.  But it as also interesting to see their collection of stingrays, huge carps, and Asian black bear. You have to check out the show schedules at the entrance or follow the guides around the park. This part I wasn’t really keen on because the show were only so, so, not really to my liking. It was like watching a town circus and there were lots of slapstick comedy in their scripts. Shows were in Khmer so I guess their target audiences are really Khmers though I saw a lot of foreigners too watching the shows.  But anyway, the kids seemed to like it except for Chinks who was only impressed with the bird show and insisted on taking a photo with the bird..

Koh Kong Safari World (2010)

There were also other shows we watched like the tiger show, dolphin, crocodile and orangutan boxing show. The tiger and the dolphin shows were just ok. Nothing really spectacular. What piqued my interest was the Crocodile Show. Here’s what I can say, it’s not funny to watch a guy insert his hand on the crocodiles mouth and take it out almost the second its about to close. Seriously, I almost peed on my pants with the tension. And that didn’t stop there, I was on the verge of walking out (to rush to the bathroom, you know..) when the guy put his head right into the crocodile! How extreme could this get? I felt like I was watching something out of Ripley’s or a reality TV show.

Koh Kong Safari World (2010)

And no, I don’t have photos of the guy putting his head inside the crocodiles mouth as I was too busy trying to hold back from screaming stop. I wonder how much they are paid, I mean that was risky, really risky. I guess they are trained but the thing is crocodiles are wild animals, you can never be sure around them. I guess the one’s who watched the show was also overwhelmed since they had been throwing lots of $$ bills at those guys as tips.

The last show on schedule was the Orangutan boxing show. Ok, my Khmer relatives were all abuzz about this and they had been told it is really funny. I was expecting to be disappointed and yeah it was really absurd in a quirky way but there were bits that made me laugh especially the part  where a monkey in hot pink dress did a little sexy dance. Hilarious!


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  1. the monkey in hot pink dress made me laugh. i also don’t understand how could  a person put his head in a crocodile’s mouth. i’d be screaming or i’ll just walk away because i can’t bear to watch in case something goes wrong.

  2. @ kayni, i was about to walk out too but I was transfixed by what I was seeing. It wasn’t exactly disgusting but it was just so creepy.. haha yeah that monkey in pink was really funny. I just wished i took a video, ang sexy ng dance nya..

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