Laugh-Inducing Fish Massage in Siem Reap

All Around Cambodia, Siem Reap, Travel Time / Saturday, May 29th, 2010

I heard about this countless times before and I swore I won’t give it a try. But on our first day in Siem Reap, I jumped ahead and gave it a try. That should say something about my conviction eh?

I hope you understood at least a little of the above signage..

I was just so curious as to why this became a popular thing in Siem Reap and I was filled with pity with those little fishes begging to have some dead skin out of my feet. Looking at my unkempt feet gave me the last prompt to give this ‘fish massage’ a try.

And besides the signage says if the fish cannot make me happy I won’t be charged and I’ve also managed to convince Hi-ace to join me. Hehe..This has got to be one of the most unique experiences I had..

They are so hungry..

First, I had my feet washed with warm water, then toweled dry. Then, its time to submerge my feet on the water and feed those fishes. The fishes looked so hungry and fierce that for a minute I got scared. Hi-ace telling me that the fish will probably eat the meat off my feet  was not helping either, but I guess I was also in my rare ‘what the heck mood’, so I just closed my eyes and plunged my feet in.

please just ignore my humongous feet..

hi-ace’s feet.. Why does it look better than mine? ugh!

Then I screamed! God, it was so ticklish.. Not painful. More like a thousand fingers tickling your feet. I couldn’t help but laugh like crazy the whole time.

Definitely a recommended and unique experience. Of course, the dead skin is still there. But at least for 20 minutes I could laugh my heart out. And oh! they also give out free drinks =).  Chinks got so jealous of us laughing like that so the next day she gave had her own tickle fest too..

Chinks.. she’s complaining why there’s less fish eating her dead skin..

5 Replies to “Laugh-Inducing Fish Massage in Siem Reap”

  1. I don’t think I could bring myself into such torture! I mean, I am terribly sensitive to tickling myself – so I imagine in between sniggering I’d be peeing in my pants! *lol* Wag naman sana.

    1. haha z, as in it was super ticklish. i was laughing the whole time and when I first plunged my feet in talagang napasigaw ako haha..

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