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General / Thursday, March 25th, 2010

When I was in 5th Grade, I learned the basic stitches for crochet.  I even made a small table runner as a school project. I could still vividly remember that particular project. I used bright orange yarn, it took me over a month to complete and the teacher gave me 82% grade for all my efforts. I was fuming mad because I put aside my daily guava tree climbing haunts for several weeks to complete the project only to be given an  82%! It was totally unacceptable but in retrospect, the teacher was probably right in giving me that grade. Lol! It really looked weird, I was supposed to make something from a flower pattern but well what I made was nowhere near resembling a flower.


Fast forward to now, I have mentioned getting back into doing some crafts again.Since we had been living in Phnom Penh my crafting instincts have been laying dormant. I wanted to do some jewelry making again but at very limited quantities only plus I want to experiment with making beads and metal clay art. I’ll probably start with that when I have all things I need together already. Some I’ve already ordered online, some I’m still searching for reliable suppliers and some I want to buy in the Philippines.

While waiting for that, I also want to be productive. so I had been trying to explore and learn about the world of crochet! Why I got into this? Well, a good friend here in Phnom Penh, Zarah is into it and also materials for simple crochet projects can be easily found here in Phnom Penh. Another thing is that, you can actually make crocheted embellishments for jewelry, accessories and also for handbags!

Yesterday, my friends and I were in O’ Russei Market looking for some crafting supplies. For starters I got two kinds of crocheting thread. One a bit thick, another thin and small plus one crocheting needle. I was so excited to get started so the minute I got home, I put on my notebook and proceeded to search the net for how to’s and downloaded some really basic patterns. After I printed out my pick – a simple flower pattern using just chain, single crochet, double crochet and triple crochet stitches. It was simple enough for me because it came with illustrations on how to do each type of stitch and easy to follow instructions.

I spent about an hour on that teeny weeny flower crochet pattern and when I was done I was so dismayed. It didn’t even resemble a flower.I’m pretty sure it was the counting I made mistake at. Whew! I didn’t realize math would be involved in this and math has always been my Waterloo! That’s my excuse anyway..

Chinks put it this way, “Wow! Mommy you made a M-U-S-H-R-O-O-M!” I really had to laugh at that! At least it resembled something even if its a mushroom. Thank God, she didn’t say it looked like poo..

crochet attempt

My attempt at a flower pattern..lol!

She had been sitting beside me while I was struggling to make my first flower crochet and the little fashionista suddenly had an idea. She asked me if I could make her a lot of those small crochet flowers in different colors then string it together and make her a bracelet. Gulp! I haven’t even made one (a good one anyway) and now she’s asking me to make a lot? That’s a tall order, but I’m up to the challenge.. So after this post, I’ll be on my second crochet masterpiece. And I promise to post the photo..

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  1. You are so crafty and I am not….waahhhh….I know I’m creative and artistic but the only crafts I know is painting  (is that craft?) and scrapbooking. Well, I know I know embroidery but I don’t have the patience for it.
    Will wait for the next photo…looks like the photo here is so promising….
    I will post the award next week…..u know my posts are mostly scheduled.

  2. Hey, hey, hey! Di ko agad nabasa ito. That’s neat, Lui! Keep on crocheting. Next time we meet, let’s bring our epektos and show it to the group. We can swap patterns and even  make one ourselves. I just joined several crocheting groups in FB where I could mingle with other crocheters (may word bang ganito? hihihi) and get inspiration for future projects.
    I even created a new crafts blog, haven’t you noticed? hahahaha.

  3. Z, oo I’ve visited and posted the first comment. This crocheting thing is a really fun experience for me. Natatawa sakin si Hi-ace at tinanong ako, “Hon, are you preparing for your retirement already?” Haha! Hiniritan ko sabi ko dapat you have to buy me a rocking chair..

    At least by the time I’m 60 marunong na ako..

    .-= Lui´s last blog ..Food Trip Friday 03: Crab Curry =-.

  4. Wahahahaha, di alam ni Hi-Ace, kumpleto ka na sa rekados mo – color-coordinated ang rocking chair, hair accessories pati ang string sa eyeglasses mo na purple din! hahaha. Just this afternoon, I made some samples of granny squares… will post it in my crafts blog sometime this weekend =)

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