Learning Khmer Language: Days and Months in Khmer

Khmer Language / Wednesday, February 1st, 2012

It’s  been a crazy while since I last posted anything about learning Khmer language. Life just happened and I must also admit to being so lazy to learn more of the language. I think my daughter is making a lot more progress that I am. The difference is that she has a more diligent teacher in school and she is so eager to learn, while me, I think hubby and I have gotten so used to speaking English or Filipino with each other that we tend to lose the momentum when it comes to him teaching me Khmer. Sigh.

Anyway, there are moments when I encounter a Khmer word I don’t understand or I want to express myself in Khmer but I don’t have the word for it so what I do now is just write it down and once he’s not too busy I ask him to make the translations for me.

Here’s one thing I’ve been having a hard time to learn – days-weeks-months-year!

I think this would come in handy when you’re giving instructions or you are setting a date etc.

Note that these are not actual Khmer words but just approximate English sound equivalents to how the actual Khmer word sounds. As usual Khmer phrases for days and months start with the ‘base’ or ‘root’ words. And here they are:



WeekSup’ada (formal) or A’tat (spoken)


‘Days’ in Khmer:

MondayT’ngai Chan

Tuesday T’ngai Angkea

Wednesday T’ngai Po’ot

Thursday T’ngai Prohoa

FridayT’ngai Sok

SaturdayT’ngai Sau

SundayT’ngai A’tat

‘Months’ in Khmer:

January – Khai Makara

February – Khai Kumphea

March   Khai Mea Neah

April  – Khai May Sa’a

May  – Khai U’ Saphea

June  – Khai Mee-to-nah

July  – Khai Kha Khada

August  – Khai Seyha

September  – Khai Kanya

October  – Khai To-la

November  – Khai Vicheka

December  – Khai Ta Nou

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