List of Phnom Penh Classifieds + More Useful Sites

Living in Phnom Penh, Services in Cambodia / Tuesday, March 15th, 2011

Where to find this and that. That’s the usual expat dilemma when moving and living in a new place. Come to think of it, I’ve been here close to three years already and I still find myself constantly doing classified searches. So I decided to compile a list of my favorite Cambodia websites offering classified services and more.

{If you know of other sites not mentioned here, kindly leave a comment or email me via my contact page so I could update the list..}


(1)  Bong Thom – well known classified site here in Cambodia. Offers classified listings as well as job listing. This is usually one of the first sites I visit when I am looking for something.  Though the site is not so aesthetically pleasing and sometimes can be confusing to navigate from too much text and bling blings, I have to give it credit for having great categorization. All classifieds have categories so it’s much easier to look for what you want. Another plus is their RSS feeds readily available for you to subscribe. If you have a RSS reader, just subscribe to their feeds and you can easily get updated.

(2) Classifieds Cambodia – another free Cambodia classified site. Easy to navigate and well organized. Plus factor? Thumbnail feature, where you can have a quick view of the items/services on offer.

(3) Expat Advisory Forum – Classifieds –  A well known Cambodia expat forum with classified ads listings. Worth checking out. You can also get advice on where to get hard to find items.

(4) – a lively expat forum which also include sub-forums for Buy and Sell, Real Estate etc. Site can be easily navigated.

(5) IKnow.Com.Kh – popular Khmer classified site with a lot of listings for cars, electronics and real estate. Also features thumbnails of items on sale so browsing is more interesting.

(6) Khmer-Announces – up and coming and features classifieds not only for Phnom Penh and main cities but also for other provinces.

There are also a whole lot of Cambodia classified sites cropping up lately but a lot of the are ‘under construction’ with not much classified content yet, so I have not included them on the list. I’ll be regularly checking them and will add them up once they have more classifieds to browse.

Events – Happenings Listings:

My favorite site for events listings is Lady Penh. It’s regularly updated with the latest happenings so you’ll find a wealth of things to do.

Also a notable website for music lovers – Leng Pleng. A one stop source for the latest live music gigs..

Another web place that is extremely helpful to Cambodia expats is Cambodia Parent Network, a Yahoo group for parents and friends in Cambodia. You can easily ask for help as well as get some leads for buying something here in Cambo. This is where we find information on who’s holding a garage/yard sales.. You have to join the group first and be approved before you can view or participate in discussions.

And if all classified sites you’ve visited and yields nothing, then perhaps the last recourse is good old yellow pages! Check out Cambodia Yellow Pages.

If you are looking for Cambodia Job Websites, I have previously made a post on that. Please just visit the link.

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