Little Finds Again Around Psar Tuol Tompong

Living in Phnom Penh, Shopping in Phnom Penh / Friday, November 12th, 2010

I had been feeling so darn lazy the past few days, all I did was play computer games, wrote very few blog posts. There are days I’m like this so I just went with the flow. But this morning I woke up thinking, ‘I’ve got to work, I need to save for a new laptop!’

So, I had to drag myself out of my temporary stupor. What to do? Well, after running some errands, visiting a travel agent, I decided to have some full body massage, where else but our fave Bamboo Spa. Then I was joined by my Peluka Sister – Pinaymum for some retail therapy @ Psar Tuol Tompong or Russian Market.

I was thinking of buying some bowls and I found some that I really liked but it was just too pricey. Hello!? $26 for 2 large bowls that I know costs less than $8? No way. So we walked away. We got a lot of cutie knickknacks for our kiddos inside the market.

The heat was getting stifling though, so we decided to check out the row of new air conditioned stores outside of Psar Tuol Tompong. There’s a new kids store with okay selection and okay enough prices I forgot the store name though but it has the word Pink on it. We also checked out 21 Century store. Lots of factory over runs with casual brands like Forever 21, GAP, CK etc.

Shopping in Russian Market

Got this American Eagle Outfitters dress for $14. Love it! Would be great as swimsuit cover up, sundress, or topped with cardigan. And best of all, it fits me! Haha its all ‘garterized’ at the back so I don’t have to starve myself paper thinĀ just to fit into this. Best of all the cut and fabric is very slimming.

Then we stopped over another store, Esquisse. This one is new and their stocks are really nice and very very affordable! And the owner really friendly. This is one place to remember for casual chic clothes.

Last stop was WExport. I was just intending to browse but I still ended up buying this cute Benetton jumper for Chinks.

Shopping in Russian Market

=) Yup! You can conclude I’m one happy, sated girl.

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