Day Trip To Phnom Chisor

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I think its safe to say,  I’m now fully recovered. No I wasn’t injured or hospitalized. My muscles were just a bit traumatized. Lol! I think next time somebody asks me to go somewhere I have to ask what the ‘trip’ entails.  Coz after this trip, I felt like I played extreme sports games for 48 hours straight and my legs were literally shaking when we get back. And that says a lot about my level of fitness. One thing for sure I realized after this trip, I should exercise more.

picturesque countryside. i want to see this during rainy – all green season..

So where did we go? Last, last week, I was really preoccupied. I had lots of things going on plus we were also doing out Chinese New Year clean-up and preparations. Then hubby just asked me if I wanted to tag along on a trip to Phnom Chisor in Takeo. I know Phnom in Khmer means mountain but I assumed we will be riding something to get up that mountain. So I said sure, sure why not?

ready for the uphill climb?

uh oh, they are way ahead…

not yet even halfway…

Haha! Serve me right for assuming. Little did I know I was about to make a climb of 412 steps up. Which is a little misleading too coz each ‘step’ is about a meter wide so you take more than 412 steps up. It’s more like double of that and at a steep incline. That’s my only complaint though, coz once you are up the views are amazing.

made it!

Prasat Chisor

The group was actually there for a little community service. We brought packed lunches coz up there are just pagodas and some temple ruins and no places to get food. Had fun taking photos and just drinking in the scenic vistas. I really wonder how this looks like during rainy season..

Phnom Chisor Cambodia

amazing panorama

Cambodia has some really amazing, almost untouched countryside sceneries. I wish it would remain this way…But I know sometime soon, it’ll all look different, still I’m glad I got the chance to see it, in all its untouched beauty. If you’re living in Phnom Penh, Phnom Chisor is worth going to. Excuse my grumbles about muscle pains {I’m simply not fit hahaha), but the view alone is worth the trouble.  It’s only about 2 hours drive from Phnom Penh and can be done on a half-day. If you wanna stick around eat lunch up there, bring packed lunch. There are also food stalls on the foot of the mountain, but I’m not sure what kind of food they sell.

reclining Buddha..

More snaps..

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  1. wow sis, ang ganda nga naman talaga dyan! sana makarating din kami dyan one of these days! 🙂 kapagod nga lang din talaga siguro but i think its worth it, good exercise na din, hehehe! 🙂

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