Drizzle Meshing With My Thoughts

General / Friday, March 26th, 2010

It has been drizzling here in Phnom Penh since early this morning. You might ask, what’s the big deal? Well, considering that the weather here in Phnom Penh has been dry and hot for the past 3 months and we only had rain last February I think and it didn’t even last for two hours. So the drizzle today was more than welcome. It’s definitely cooler, my plants look a lot lovelier and everything around seems calm. Of course, I didn’t venture out as that might be another story since  little rain here in Phnom Penh can cause some streets to flood.

Anyway, I miss rain terribly. I’m from Bicol, Philippines. The typhoon region in our country were rain and strong gusts are commonplace. I don’t like the havoc it wreaks but the cold, damp weather I sometimes miss. So when it was raining awhile ago, I felt like doing this..


The gentle drizzle also meshed well with my thoughts.. You see I feel a little homesick again, probably because my family is having a reunion again for the holy week. I called my mom yesterday and we chatted for a few minutes. I’ve been asking for her advice about life insurance so we had been discussing some pros and cons. She also mentioned she having general house cleaning because my brother is coming home plus we’ll also be having lots of guests for the Holy Week. We usually have family reunions every year during the Holy Week  and for the past two years I have missed that.

I’m also thinking she’d have her hands full entertaining guests and that might stress her out since usually its me and Ouwie who takes care of those things. So I warned her to take it easy.We also talked about the coming fiesta and what she wants to prepare. Thankfully, Pa is in good health and very active again. Though he’s still having his diabetes and PSA for his prostate being closely monitored.

Another thing that is making me a little melancholic is that my college buddies are also having a reunion with only ME not present. They’ll be having visita iglesia on Holy Thursday then a week after they’ll also be at Camarines Sur Water Sports Complex for some wakeboarding. Whaaa! I wish I could join but things are hectic at this time plus Chinks will be having her birthday soon and that is something I won’t miss.

Hayyy! Those are the what ifs, I wish… But I don’t want to be gloomy and sad. In fact, there are a lot of things I’m looking forward to..Were going to the beach tomorrow, Khmer New Year is coming soon and if scheds permit we might be going somewhere else again too, then there’s my Wednesday’s coffee and shopping trips with my fab friends here in Phnom Penh,  there’s that fair were joining soon and there’s FB to keep me updated with things I’ll be missing back home in the Philippines..

And having said that.. I’m off now to fix our stuff for tomorrows Sihanoukville trip..

8 Replies to “Drizzle Meshing With My Thoughts”

  1. Ako naman I love the rainy season =) 
    We were hoping the rain would last the whole day up to tonight pero parang teaser lang din. It was good while it lasted. Stayed late in bed, crocheting and R reading, with warm cups of tea.
    Just make yourself busy (we SAHMs always are, di ba?) so you’ll temporarily forget about your family back in Albay. And besides, time flies so fast the next thing you’ll now is that it’s your vacay time!!
    Enjoy SHV. I hope the rain stays here in PP so you, Chinks and Hi-Ace will enjoy the sun, sand and sea of SHV!

  2. It’s raining since last night here. It’s also a big reunion time for my mom’s family during the holy week. We usually have a picnic at a nearby river and just enjoy our time together.  I understand your homesickness; it hits me almost every month.
    Can’t wait to hear about this Sihanoukville trip.

  3. Since it’s April and spring, we expect some rainshowers all throughout the season. But usually where we live, the rainshowers stop pouring on late May even before spring ends. I don’t mind the showers but I hate downpours.

  4. Oh by the way, I feel your sadness too…I mean ‘I’m with you pag na ho-homesick ako….but I guess we would rather look forward to blessings and the things that make us happy ….

  5. @Z, hehe i love the cool temp when it drizzles but yeah there are times here na nahohomesick ako when it rains. but there things I love and enjoy here so I’m really fine. In fact, now I really can’t imagine living anywhere else but here. Weird, but I think Cambodia has woven its magic over me.
    @Kayni, holy week is really reunion time for most of us. =) I’m just sorry we’ll be missing the one’s this year but there will be more chances naman to join next year and the next..
    @ Bingkee, yes, showers are fine pero downpours really get me down. I can’t go out eh.. Nakaka miss talaga ang Philippines but the easiest way for me to get over it is to enjoy the place and people I am with right  now.. Thanks..

  6. My brother, our eldest, he’s always in Cam Sur for wakeboarding. Interesting choice of hobby for him. Hehehe.

    Am sure you’re not feeling sad anymore. You just came back from SHV! =)

    1. galing naman ng bro mo but yeah interesting choice nga. I’ll try it out din pag uwi ko haha I could imagine myself falling down gazillion times. Were near CWC lang kase like 2 hrs drive and there also a new ZipLine place near Mayon that I wanna try out din..

      I’m fine now J. Minsan minsan lang naman bouts of homesickness and I did enjoy SHV a lot. Bitin nga eh..

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