Living in Phnom Penh: Got Caught

General, Living in Phnom Penh / Wednesday, November 28th, 2012

I’ve had a really eventful week. For a change.

This past week, I’ve been running around, doing errands. Also, my friend and I are planning on putting up a small business here and we have decided to visit ‘competitors’ {hahaha! as if!} and check out their range of products and see if we can find some niches with not much available items here. We set aside a day to do that, drove around the city and did our stealthy research. Lol.

After that we got really hungry and we decided to have lunch at Mike’s Burger along Russian Blvd..But driving along that road is a bit tricky coz they now have barriers in place so we had to find a way so we can get to the right lane. Now, there are lots of small streets there and we eventually turned into a small street, no signs at all there so we drove on. Only to be stopped in the corner by a traffic police, saying were on a One- Way Street.

I was a bit exasperated since I seriously didn’t see any signs saying that. But the police pointed out a faded arrow on the street. Fine. So, my license out {my pristine, pristine license!} and the cop said he needed to get it, submit it for a ticket and reclaiming it would be a hassle. If we wanted to have it easy, we just needed to payout. He said $5. But we told him we don’t have that amount. In fact, he saw that we just had $2 and a couple of riels. He said that’s okay. So, I got my license back, just like that.

So there goes my first traffic police incident. I’m usually a very careful driver {yes, my speed limit is below 40 kmh, ok?!} but this time I really admit I was at fault. Sigh. They say there is always a first time for everything. But I do hope that’s the last time I get caught. And I’m also thankful the police officer was actually nice.

One lesson learned: If you’re living in Phnom Penh and driving here, don’t keep a lot of money in your purse. I think it really helped that when he saw that my small purse just had a few riels. I figured he pitied the poor me. Ha!

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  1. Hi Lui! hope you still remember me…anyway, nice to hear mabait ang policeman na nakahuli sayo. I recently had a very bad experince but won’t share it here…haha…baka mabasa nila 🙂

    1. @rena, i do remember you. hayyy im just scared of police here specially since i still have a hard time understanding them.. here’s to hoping that we won;t ever get caught again. 😀 im off to read your blog now..

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