Living in Phnom Penh: It’s Mid-March!

Living in Phnom Penh / Thursday, March 15th, 2012

I was browsing my blog last night and it suddenly occurred to me, I had been posting mostly photos the past few months and writing less and less. Sigh. So much for trying to use this blog to practice writing. One of the main reasons I post a whole load of photos is that I’m obsessed with taking snapshots and I have this little belief that my photos share a better story than I do.

But this isn’t exactly how I envisioned my blog to be. And I have to slowly steer myself to writing more, at least alternate the photos with some articles and stories about living in Cambodia.

Right now I wanna get on with my weeky random ramblings..

  • Cambodia is now getting sooo hot. It’s scorching hot that I rarely venture out because I always get migraines because of the heat. And were just in mid-March, my husband reckons it’ll be hotter in April. And that just scares me.
  • I’m doing a bit of window shopping for some jewelry. My mom fancies some gold necklaces and we figured we’d gift her with some, if the quality and the price is right. Has anyone of you had any experience buying gold from those shops near Central Market? I also checked out some shops in Russian Market for made-to-order jewelry, but I’m scared about making a mistake and buying some fakes. I don’t know much about jewelry and I doubt I ever will know much. It’s just not an interest with me. But I want to have some nice ones for my mom so..
  • I’ve been receiving a lot of emails from readers and I love interacting with them, and answering questions that I can.  Majority of them are very nice folks and its just makes me doubly passionate about blogging knowing that there are indeed a few people who reads this blog.
  • Among those who email me, there are also those I find very rude. Some demand information from me  (usually about traveling to Cambodia) without so much as a please. I am NOT a travel agency and while I take pleasure in answering emails or tweets with tips on traveling, please be mindful of your manners too. I find it disgruntling when I receive an email demanding me to book a hotel or send them a hotel address.I would gladly help out with recommendations but please ask nicely. And it’ll be nice too if you learn how to use Google.
  • I’m getting busy planning trips. April is my daughter’s birthday and it falls on a holiday. So we are planning going somewhere. She and (both me and hubby too) are not big on parties and during birthdays, we usually travel to someplace where we could enjoy being together and have some relaxation time. I’m looking up some hotels and let’s see where we end up.
  • Were also going to the Philippines in June for my father’s 1st death anniversary (how time flies..) and as of now we have plans to also spend a few days in Malaysia. My daughter is itching to go up Petronas. I wonder why when it really just makes me feel queasy. Last time I went there, I went running to the bathroom the moment the ‘tour’ was over. Lol. But since she seems really interested, we’ll brave it again. Then after a few days we’ll fly to Manila. Going back we’ll be trying the Manila-Siem Reap, Cebu Pacific direct flight.
  • And uh, its my birthday this weekend. Yay! I’m getting older and yes, more fabulous. Choz! Hahaha. My plans? Hubby wanted to go somewhere to celebrate, but moi? I want to stay here in Phnom Penh, eat a lot of steak, have a total spa pampering (scrub, wrap, massage, sauna–the works!). And my birthday wish is not to do any chores for two whole days. I’ll miss scrubbing the bathroom if its more than 2 days, noh?
Siem Reap Fish Massage
  • I miss having fish massage. I just had one a week ago in Siem Reap. It’s a totally weird experience but maybe I fancy being tickled while drinking a can of cold soda. Lol. And WOW! my legs and feet look humongous! They are NOT really like that in real life. Hahaha.

2 Replies to “Living in Phnom Penh: It’s Mid-March!”

  1. Hello Lui!

    My partner and I have lived in the Philippines for 3 (great) years and just moved in Cambodia but never have we been that affected by the heat in the Philippines (we’ve spent 3 of our best years there).
    You also sound like you know a lot about spas or pampering places in Cambodia, and this is one thing my girlfriend really misses about Pilipinas: SPAS !
    Actually there are a lot in PP, but we never found a really good FACIAL service.
    Could you advise us one good facial service in Phnom Penh?
    Thanks a lot for your advice, and keep up the good job with your blog, it’s both fresh and informative 🙂


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