Living in Phnom Penh: Just Let Me Ramble On..

General, Living in Phnom Penh / Saturday, March 6th, 2010

Time for my regular rambling, pointless (haha!) updates..What had I been up to for the past few days? Nothing! Really, except for a few errands here and there, things had been pretty quiet for a change..

February just passed by like a breeze for me. I know it just has 28 days but it didn’t leave me with much impression. Also, though February is where Valentine’s Day falls on, we didn’t really do anything special. We all just spent the day together, me, Hi-ace and Chinks playing board games in the morning, afternoon attending Hi-ace’s school affair then a leisurely family dinner in a Thai restaurant. That’s it! I guess I’m long past appreciating flowers, chocolates and romantic dinners during Valentine’s day, uggh I even find it corny and I get annoyed at those romantic blah blahs being shoved in your face every time the 14th draws near. Happiness now for me, stems from those family bonding moments, times were just together without even doing anything special or being anywhere fancy. Funny, but I feel really content and happy at this point..

Ouwie also had her 30th birthday (I hope she doesn’t read this. She forbids me to mention her real age and wants to pass herself off as 24. Haha!). It was quiet too. We aren’t really big on celebrating birthdays. I just asked her what she wants to eat and if she wants to go out. She prefers to have home-cooked pasta, so I just rustled up some penne pasta in bacon and mushroom cream sauce. Yummy!

Before I knew it, February was over.. Hmmm, by this time in the Philippines its graduation season and I have nephews and nieces sending their graduation announcements. That’s something really nice and I do feel happy about them graduating from school. But everytime I hear my nieces and nephews graduating or getting married, whew! I definitely start to feel my age..

Last Wednesday, I met Zarah and Josiet again for a cup of coffee and the usual chatter fest. Hayy, I must say, time with these lovely friends I found is one of my ‘decompression’ time. I get to relax, connect with others, and well, eat.. We had to extend the coffee date to lunch and met up with Elma. More girl talk and laughter. Then we decided to go shopping in Boeung Keng Kang Market.. I didn’t buy anything mostly coz it was extremely hot and I’m fussy when I’m buying stuff, but I did enjoy looking around. I really wish I could have more days like this..

Friday was a busy day again. I had to drop by Chinkee’s school to check on her new class. She has already been moved to the Grade I class though she’s about to officially start Grade I next August. Their school uses the Montessori system and once she’s ready, she was moved to the next level so the transition would be much easier. Her teacher also told me she’s exceptionally good in Math (lol! definitely not from my genes) and Art (now, that is from me.. ). ¬†She’s now a fast reader and writing is already legible. Though I had my initial reservations about her school, I’m quite happy with the way she’s progressing in fact, I must say I’m impressed. That just proves I guess that you don’t have to choose the most expensive school, just pick the most suitable one, whichever learning environment she is most comfortable with.

After the school visit, I had to drop by the supermarket for some last minute stuff Hi-ace was bringing on his 3-day Preah Vihear-Siem Reap trip. I had to pack everything for him coz he had class till 8:30 pm and their group leaves at 2 am..

Now, its just me, Ouwie and Chinks for the next three days. I’m a bit scared but our house and the whole compound is pretty safe. My mother-in-law though was apprehensive about leaving us alone, she was just here this afternoon and kept asking me if we’ll be okay. I’m lucky, Ma is the total antithesis of the villain-like mom-in-laws, she’s really nice and always concerned about us without being pushy. But I did assure her we’ll be fine and she should not worry and I’ll call if ever we need something..

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