Living in Phnom Penh: Last Week In Review

General, Living in Phnom Penh / Sunday, March 21st, 2010

I know I’ve been on a blogging roll the past few days and I had been churning out at least one post a day for this blog. I am in a blogging mood and I had been all so motivated to write for some reason..Anyway, this is just a update on what I had been up to the last couple of days..


Met the fabulous Pinays of Phnom Penh 😉 last Monday. Had coffee and muffins again @ Brown Cafe plus lots of girl talk. Thanks Che for the muffins! That didn’t end there, we also had lunch in Sofia’s Kitchen where the food is good and so affordable. Next stop was K-four Appliance Center for some appliance browsing, which reminded me I still have to work on and buy that LCD TV to replace the bedroom TV I accidentally dropped a few months back. We then went to Golden Sorya Mall, a new shopping complex near Central Market and Sorya Mall. Browsed all stalls, hehe didn’t buy a thing then we went to T & C cafe near Pencil Supermarket for more chikahan. I love days like this, its not often but yeah its a big deal for me to be able to get some free time for myself and just to have some girl bonding times with my friends. And for me, Phnom Penh is really a more fun place because of these fabulous ladies..


Tuesday was a busy day. Some errands to run here and there. I also had to do some grocery shopping. I also resumed doing my regular cardio exercises since I’ve been trying to lose some stubborn pounds. Imho, getting regular exercise and a healthy diet. I’ve also been searching the net for some light exercise instructions and I’ve printed it out. Bought myself some light weights too because I want to tone some of my flabby extras.


Wednesday, Ouwie and I decided to go on a shopping trip to the Russian Market. I can’t find my backpack bag and I’ll be needing one sometime soon. So we headed over to Tuol Tompong Market about 9 am and whew! it was already jam packed with tourists and locals doing their shopping. We headed over to the clothing overruns section and got myself a Kipling Bag (L) for only $8 and another Kipling sling bag convertible to belt bag too for only $4. We browsed the market some more and I also got some comfy Lee Riders capri pants for only $5 each. After an hour I really couldn’t take the heat inside the market anymore so we headed over to Cafe Yeji just around the corner. After a refreshing drink we browsed the art galleries near the market..Will post the photos of my buys soon. I have yet to download them from my camera. I’ve started a ‘Shopping in Phnom Penh’ category and will be featuring bargain haunts and best buys around Phnom Penh. Soon.


Thursday.. My birthday. I’ll just keep this day to myself hmmm. Suffice it to say I had a lovely day and am very happy =)


Friday was chores day for me. I also had a lot of things to do on my websites. Plugins to update, comments to respond to etc. Not much to talk about this day as I was ultra busy at home. I was also pre-occupied with making some trip arrangements. Chinks and I will be going to the Philippines in July and will be back August. Since we will be stopping over in Singapore we have decided to spend sometime in the place so I had to make changes to our flight bookings. Thank God, the Jetstar CS here in Phnom Penh was so accommodating and really prompt in following our change requests. I was also busy looking for places to stay in Singapore. I am planning this beforehand because I find Singapore to be a little more expensive place to be compared to other Asian cities. I was also looking for a hotel that is very accessible to the MRT stations preferably Lavender or Kallang areas and also would not take me ages to reach Suntec City and the Singapore Flyer. Why these places? Chinks wants to ride the Flyer and I want to go to Suntec City Mall. I know there is Orchard Rd. but I don’t fancy going there this time. We also plan to visit the Botanic Gardens if time would allow..


Saturday was a super fun day. Even today I am still so fatigued but happy about how yesterday went. We woke up really early, Hi-ace was the one who actually started this weekly ritual. A little past 6 am we were already on a motorbike ready to explore Phnom Penh. I rarely venture out that early and I was surprised that PP is really beautiful not to mention less crowded in the mornings. We didn’t have an itinerary, it was like ‘go with the flow’ thing. We had breakfast somewhere near Russian Market, went to Riverfront area again, fed the pigeons, drove around till we realized we were past Chbbar Ampeuv Market. So we dropped by a pagoda  several kilometers to the right of the market to also buy some eucalyptus oil which I can’t do without and also a staple for my asthmatic parents and only available at that particular pagoda. After that we drove some more again and ended up in O’Russey Market. Bought some slip-ons for Chinks and I browsed cloth stalls and also searched for beads. I bought about 1000 grams assorted colored beads to experiment with. I’m not sure if its good enough but we’ll see. I’m ordering some beading thread online and we’ll see what I could come up with after it arrives. Late lunch was at Samdoo Restaurant then we came back home and spent the rest of the day sleeping.

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  2. Hi. I am Rodel Lumbo, working as a Finance Professional here in Manila. I got an offer to work in Phnom Penh as permanent employee. Can you provide an estimate of how much is the living costs there (accomodation, util, food, transpo, etc.). I am given $1,500 for accom. and $250 for util. Is this enough, If I get a condo within the city, at least 2 BR?  What is it like living there? And btw, is there a direct flight now from Mla to PP? which airlines and how much is the one way fare?  I hope you can help me clarify these questions in my mind.  Thanks very much….

  3. Im browsing the name of Toul Tompong Market,..its similar to my family name and im interested to know and adventure to this place since im wondering if its possible my inhiritant and legendary and its originated here in Pnom Penh,.Cambodia,.im a visual artist here in manila ,phillipines,.im interested to visit this place soon if my budget can afford too,.rate for hotel accomodation,.etc,.im planning to do some masterpiece for my obra regarding the history of this place specially to some beautiful places here in Phnom Penh,.

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