Living in Phnom Penh: Lazy, Happy Weekend

General, Living in Phnom Penh / Sunday, March 14th, 2010

Leisurely Saturday..

I love weekends like this. Just doing nothing, spending the day with Hi-ace, Chinks and Ouwie. It rarely happens that all of us are not busy, more often than not we have someplace else to go even during weekends. Hi-ace didn’t have any meetings, trips or classes. When its like this we take advantage of the time to just be together.

Yesterday morning was spent just lazing around, sleeping till 8 am, eating a leisurely breakfast, then we played board games. Afternoon we spent biking around Phnom Penh. It’s been awhile since we’ve done this and I had a fun time. We also brought Chinks to the bookstore since she had been asking for some art supplies.

We also browsed those sidestreet vendors along Monivong Blvd., offering printing of business cards and wedding invitations. We both want to have some printed and those sidestreet sellers are really offering value for printing services. 100 pcs of business cards cost just less than $10 depending on the design and you can also have your own design printed for an additional fee. As for the wedding invitations, hmm they have a wide variety of designs some amusing, some cute, some very elaborate and some really with lots of embellishments. I didn’t inquire about the price though hehe..

Sunday shopping..

Hi-ace and Chinks went with Ma to visit their uncle in Kandal province. They left about 6:30 am so I had some free time to do some shopping. Food shopping was done first, of course, in Russian Market (Phsar Toul Tompong). Got our week’s supply of vegetables, meat, fish and fruits. Shopping in local markets is now a breeze for me, I already have regular suki vendors so I get a good price plus freebies.Ouwie and I also roamed around the clothing section coz I was planning to buy some tank tops. The summer heat is getting unbearable so I wanted to have some cotton shirts. After browsing several stalls I found myself buying stuff for Chinks instead. Bought her a couple of shirts and I also found lots of cute swimwear and I also got her some since she’s taking swimming lessons already in school.

10:30 am, the market was already crowded so Ouwie and I decided to escape from the crowds and headed for a cup of coffee at the Coffee Korner just off the Russian Market. This has already been our favorite coffee place after doing our shopping rounds of Phsar Tuol Tompong.

Hi-ace and Chinks got back around 12 noon, so now were all lazing around again. Me, writing this really lazy post, Hi-ace watching TV, Chinks tumbling around the floor and Ouwie reading a book. Wish every weekend would be like this haha! I should really get back to reality..

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  1. I like days like this as well, doing things together with the mister the whole day. The past three days were like this – no silly-o-clock in the morning alarms, and unhurried breakfasts and showers, taking our sweet time exploring O’Russei, Russian and Central Markets, having leisurely lunches… ahhhh, this is one of the reasons why I love Cambodia!

    1. @Z, right on! that’s what i appreciate about cambodia.. unhurried pace and simple lifestyle.. plus its easy to hop to another country naman if i want a bit more shopping etc. hayy, i dunno if I could ever still go back to the way we lived in Manila, too hectic for me..

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