Living in Phnom Penh: Long Holiday Over

General, Living in Phnom Penh / Monday, April 18th, 2011

One part of me is saddened. The roads are crowded again. So long, peace and quiet, see you again, hopefully soon! Another part of me is happy. Back to work, back to the usual busy routine. Holidays for Khmer New Year was from April 14 -17. But unofficially, the holiday started from April 12.

So, that’s a whole week of lazing around, eating then lazing around again. Sometimes I like it but I can’t stand not doing much for so long. For two years in a row we didn’t go anywhere mainly because were in a saving mode and also its my mom-in-law’s request for the family to be present. But when you’re stuck in the city during the KNY, there’s not much point in moving around coz most of the stores and restaurants are closed. Save for visiting the malls, there’s nothing much to do anyway.

I ended up doing a variety of things. Well, next to stuffing myself full and sleeping. I watched a lot of DVD’s. Lol! Thankfully, I stockpiled a week before and I also had some movies downloaded {thank you torrents, hahaha!} that I needed to watch. I also enjoyed indulging in my OWSS {online window surf shopping} obsession and browsed lots of electronics, clothes and presents ideas online. Hubby has also been researching cars and I ended up browsing with him. Lol! I suggested he get V8 Super cars, but he just looked at me like I lost my marbles. Hmmph, he says that would probably ruin his dignified and professional image projection. I had a big laugh with that one.

Then once I got bored with OWSS, I moved on to imagining traveling someplace which led me to scour the web for some travel deals. Perhaps next year, eh? I wanna go on a grand holiday.

Now, its Monday. Sigh. Got to go to market for this week’s food supply and later will be updating my blogs. Ciao.

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