Living in Phnom Penh: Not So Idle Saturday

General, Living in Phnom Penh / Saturday, October 16th, 2010

I did say I would spend the whole day just bumming around. Haha! I do deserve some R & R coz I’ve been pretty productive for the past week. Aside from my web projects, blogs updated, I also had a graphic design project. A good friend here in Phnom Penh was in need of a brochure/business card and it was my sister whose supposed to make it but schedules were just so conflicted and she’s so busy right now.

Anyway, I managed to make it hehe. I guess my obsessive tinkering with Photoshop has its rewards lol! I quite pleased coz even if I’ve tons to do I still managed to finish everything in a record time last night.

Having done everything I was supposed to do, I overslept this morning! Hmmm, it was heavenly!! Nowadays, I call that a luxury since most mornings I have to wake up early to prepare Chinkee’s packed lunch and then breakfast.

We had a really late lunch in Sovanna Mall, then Chinks had her fun playground time, then I went off to the supermarket to look for some skin care products coz I have a huge yucky zit on my chin and I accidentally scraped it last night and it bled. I ended up buying facial masks, a moisturizer and a toner.

We went to Russian Market afterwards to look for another school bag for Chinks. She’s at the stage now where she’d like to have her bag match her outfits. Duh? I just wonder how fashionista she’ll be when she’s in her teens. In any case, I bought her a pink body bag and thank God for bargains, got it for only $10.

We then have iced coffee, still in Russian Market then bought a couple of DVD’s to watch tomorrow then set off home. This evening I had my own home spa, hehe pampering thingie. Face steaming with orange for 10 minutes, then I applied a lemon peel mask on my face, the moisturizer. Hmmm, I just love days like these..

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  1. @Mumsified, yup kay madam. i had to wing it by myself, super full sched si owie and busy din graphic artists nya.
    ok naman daw results hehe. at least not much revisions na..sana paprint nya na naexcite na ako lol!

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