Living in Phnom Penh: One Week To Go!

General, Living in Phnom Penh / Tuesday, June 29th, 2010

And I’m all frazzled! Chinks school is about to end so were busier. Last week was spent in a construction haze and dust that its only now that I could take a breather. I know last two weeks most of my postings were of the meme variety.. Well, being a stay-at-home mom is a tough job. I don’t have a helper so everything falls on me. I seriously wish there’s at least 40-50 hours per day.

Why the hurried construction? We actually didn’t have plans yet of constructing a fence around our property coz were still dumping soil on our backyard to raise it up to the level of the street, but two weeks ago there were two separate incidents where an intruder/trespasser came in our compound. It scared me and it just made Hi-ace paranoid since he won’t be with us for a few months. We have a gate but that time, it was open since our neighbor {Hi-ace’s relative} keep going out all hours. Then a guy just came in went inside our neighbor’s house (adjacent to ours) and got knives and a scissor. Then he proceeded to cut his hair in front of our yard. Then he got some paper, cut it all up and scattered it all over. And while he was doing that, he didn’t quit muttering something, which was really freaky! Thankfully, our front door was closed so he didn’t come inside our house.

The second incident was around lunch time, another guy came in and kept looking around. Before Hi-ace can come out and ask him what he wanted he just ran like he saw a ghost or something. There and then, hubby decided to call for the contractors to build a fence around the house. And what he had made is about 3 meters high so I’m kinda feeling like were in a maximum security prison but I feel safer, much safer.

It’s still so dusty all around and I’m feeling like I’m going to need some allergy meds soon. Then after all that hooplah about intruders and construction, I had to rush with my shopping and preparing things I’ll be bringing home to the Philippines next week. Whoa!! Next week, I could hardly contain my excitement anymore. I haven’t been home for almost two years and I’m also looking forward to springing the surprise visit to my parents who has no idea well be going home. Everything is arranged and thankfully, our relatives who knows about our travel plans have kept mum about it so it’ll really be a surprise.

Having fixed my things already, this week, I need to prepare Hi-ace’s things too coz I don’t have much time when we get back here in August. Well be arriving 11th and in less than 5 days he’ll be flying out too. Sssh, I think I miss him already and the prospect of staying here in Phnom Penh just by ourselves, stresses me just a bit..

More later..

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  1. Gosh, that is one really scary experience! Ako rin siguro mapa-praning. Better to deal with dust than intruders =)

    Hope you could make it tomorrow. Paalis na kayo di ba?

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