Living in Phnom Penh: Fish Amok

Cambodian Food & Cuisine, Living in Phnom Penh / Monday, January 18th, 2010

Sunday, around lunch time…

Khmer Fish Amok

Again, lunch @ Ma’s house. My mother-in-law called us early coz she cooked my favorite Khmer dish fish amok! Ok, so we lost no time going there =).Ouwie wanted to have brewed Khmer coffee again so Hi-ace brought her to a stall serving coffee and noodles and there she had her fill of strong black coffee..It was really funny to see how the one’s who makes the coffee, the stall owner and the waiters all gathered around her to see if she liked it. No doubt she loved it! Verdict? A lot better than pricey espresso’s in designer cafes and it just cost 2000 Riels ($.5). The downside is, she wasn’t used to the strength of the coffee so she could barely sleep a wink last night.

Amok was so delish as usual. I ate a lot of rice and afterwards I felt so guilty hehe. Nothing surprising there, so I just dragged Ouwie to walk around the Tuol Tompoung Market and we also checked out the new store right across it – WImports. It’s airconditioned so we stayed a while but it was so crowded with Korean tourists in bus loads. The shop has good stocks of factory overruns with name brands mostly for American market, but its a bit pricey compared to the ones you can find inside the market stalls and the price is fixed but shopping is more convenient because of the bigger space and cooler temp..

Late Afternoon..

After Chinks had a short nap, we were planning to check out UCare Pharmacy or Pharmlink for some beauty creams. Shopping for those items can be difficult here and those are the two pharmacies that has a good range of brands to choose from.

Anyway, this was postponed coz a friend’s family dropped by and we got talking for a couple of minutes. Then we all just decided to eat dinner out. We settled for Khmer-Thai Restaurant again along St. 163 and we all feasted on Steamed Prawns with Vermicelli, Mixed Seafoods Salad, Banana Heart and Chicken Salad, Fried Squid in Garlic and Pepper and of course, Pad Thai Noodles. I was meaning to take photos but hehe I was too preoccupied with eating so I forgot.

I guess that’s one of the things I love about living in Phnom Penh. I get to eat seriously delicious food without me breaking the bank! More later..

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