Living in Phnom Penh: Summer Time!

General / Monday, April 1st, 2013

I was reading a friend’s blog and she had me on her blog list with the latest blog feed featured. I was shocked to see my last post for this blog was five weeks ago. Wow! Five weeks!! And I have never gone from blogging that long. Even when I was on travel, I always made it a point to drop by and blabber a bit even if just to talk about inconsequential things. So what’s up with Lui in Penh this March?

To be honest, nothing much. Really. I’m just not coping that well with the extreme heat here. Were averaging 35° here in Phnom Penh (some days even hotter!) and not even a spatter of rain in the horizon. There’s also constant power cuts around the city. Thank God, the area around our house isn’t that badly hit. We get an hour or two power cut per week at most. But I know some areas get daily power cuts from 1 hour to as long as 10 hours. I feel for them coz its really hard to be without at least a fan these days.

I also celebrated my birthday two weeks ago. Ha! It was a quiet but very happy celebration. I just did what I wanted to do. You know, gone are the days when I want to have a big party with lots and lots of people. Nowadays, my birthdays are spent doing what I want. I decided I wanted to be pampered. So I did zero chores, I was literally like a queen hahaha. And I did not cook. Nope, I didn’t touch the stove, not even to boil water. I also indulged myself and went online shopping like crazy. That was my gift to self. And since I didn’t want to cook, we ate out. In three different restaurants in a span of 2 hours. So it was a simple celebration, but I was really content. What mattered most was that my family was with me.

I’m counting the days till summer time is over, and while I dread torrential rains I just wish we could have just a few minutes of rain here. Dear heavens! I’m getting cooked here already! My husband kids me, of course, that Phnom Penh is like a free sauna. True. Just go out and you shed gallons of sweat. I should take advantage of this freebie, no? But I’m no masochist.

So Phnom Penh folks, stay indoors, keep hydrated. Buy truckloads of watermelon. That’s the best advice I could give. Hahaha. And hopefully, I won’t be too lazy and blog more often from now.

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