Living in Phnom Penh: Sun is Up!

General, Living in Phnom Penh / Wednesday, October 10th, 2012

I’ve been hibernating. Ha! And tell me, just who, could resist going into hibernation mode with the weather we had here in Phnom Penh these past few days? It’s been raining, raining, raining non-stop. And I couldn’t resist just curling up on the couch, reading books, watching TV, surfing the net… you know lazy stuff.

I can only say, thank God, the sun is up and I could now dry my laundry. Hahaha!

For a little more than a week, we’ve been having incessant rains here. Yes, its the rainy season and just recently there was also a typhoon from South China Sea that just wasn’t content on ravaging Vietnam but decided to visit Cambodia. I can’t say it was a ‘real typhoon’ coz it was just rain all throughout. But it still was bad enough coz you know how easy it is for flooding to take over Phnom Penh.

Street Flooding in Phnom Penh during Rainy Season

The photo above is the usual scene (in some parts) when there is strong rain here. I just feel lucky that our place doesn’t get flooded but my MIL’s house, usually gets flooded. So rainy season is really not something they appreciate. Also, even if its not flooded in our place, its still hard to go anywhere. It just scares me to go somewhere and what if its flooded there?

So I put off a lot of errands. I loathed going out to pay the bills, going to market etc, when everything is wet! ┬áSo, lets just say I’ve been existing on Mama and Indomee noodles and canned food the past few days. The only good thing about it is that it was cold, so we haven’t turned on aircon for weeks already, so I’m so looking forward to a cheaper electric bill next month.

Anyway, I have a couple of friends too who are asking when is the best time to visit Phnom Penh. Well, I could straight up answer you, not this time (unless touring around like a wet rat is your thing). Not the rainy monsoon season, best come from November – January where its cool and dry. If you’re visiting or new here, when its raining hard, best stay indoors. You wouldn’t want to be caught up in flash flood. That happens easily here, water rises up fast and thankfully, recedes fast too.

Just a month to go, and we’ll be having that cool and dry weather. I’m so looking forward to that.

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