Living in Phnom Penh: Long Holiday is Over..

General, Living in Phnom Penh / Wednesday, November 4th, 2009

No work, no school since Friday here in Cambodia. Friday was King Sihamoni’s coronation anniversary, the next day was the King father’s birthday. The November1-3 we saw a flurry of activity here in Phnom Penh because of the Water Festival or the Bon Om Tuk. Now it’s back to school for the kids and back to work for me :D.

We had been thinking of going out of town for the holidays but the plan was put off because Hi-ace has been tied up with something from work. So we just spent the long holidays here in Phnom Penh. Saturday we went to visit a friend. Sunday was spent with Hi-ace parents. We also went to the riverside early morning just to check out what’s happening (not much really..) since most of the activities took place in the afternoons.

The next day we went to look for a laptop for Hi-ace’s niece. I also looked for a video card since I’ve been planning to update the one here in my desktop for a better ‘gaming’ experience. I nagged Hi-ace about changing our curtain bars and yahoo! it worked. Got him out of staring at his notebook and we bought several new curtain bars and I pestered him again till he installed it all. 🙂 Last Tuesday night we roamed around and we chanced upon a ‘not-so-crowded’ shop along Norodom Blvd. selling kids shoes for only $5. We ended up buying some for Chinks and some nieces. We were supposed to see what’s happening along the riverside but it was just so traffic and neither of us was feeling masochistic to brave it.

Yesterday morning was again spent @ my in-law’s house eating Cambodian noodles..After a leisurely lunch I dragged Hi-ace to Tuol Tompong Market to buy some plastic baskets to stuff Chinkee’s toys which is always cluttered around. I also ended up buying shirts..We planned to have dinner out last night but it was raining really hard so I just cooked ‘pata tim’ @ home and we had a sumptuous dinner..

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