Lovely Buildings Around Phnom Penh

General / Tuesday, December 29th, 2009

I fancy myself as a “building paparazzi”! I’ve been clearning up my camera’s memory card so I’ve downloaded the images I’ve been taking for the past few months and I was amazed to see that aside from portraits of our daughter, my camera contained mostly photos of buildings around Phnom Penh.

Cambodian National Museum Facade

At first, Phnom Penh could really be an assault to the senses. With hordes of motorbikes honking and driving wildly throughout the streets, vendors along the sidestreets, the unbelievable stench of prahok (fermented fish) in some places, wedding parties, religious events, funerals all set up with loudspeakers and blaring non-stop chants or loud music, added to the dusty streets, well, this place could make a newcomer dizzy with perplexity.

But as you roam around, you’d soon realize that Phnom Penh is stunningly picturesque and you’d know the reason why this tiny city is being hailed as the Pearl of Asia.

Tree Lined Streets of Phnom Penh

I like the tree-lined and bloom-filled streets, and this could be really lovely especially around the months of April, May and June. What fascinates me the most are the beautiful assortment of buildings with distinctly Khmer design at the same time Phnom Penh has a number of charming French-colonial buildings. Although it is easy to miss these lovely buildings now amongst the modern flats and ‘wedding cake’ architecture featuring ornate designs painted in candy colors, walls plastered with gleaming ceramic tiles (you can now surely guess why I’m referring to these new styles as wedding cakes..) There still remains a lot of buildings with beautiful and elegant designs..

Here’s some of my favorite buildings around here in a very unique Khmertyle architecture..

[nggallery id=16]

I know I have a weird way of taking photos, I mostly capture details that intrigue me =) not the entire building. Obviously, I’m obsessed with their roofs, carvings..

Another favorite building photo-taking playground for me is the Royal University of Phnom Penh, check out my previous post here.

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