Lovely Cool Weather Here In Phnom Penh..

General, Living in Phnom Penh / Friday, July 2nd, 2010

I never thought I’d be gushing about rain but after the terribly hot summer, rain and the cool weather this past few days is a real blessing. From March till June, the heat was really unbearable and we rarely get even a few minutes spatter of rain. Now, the weather is cool all around.

Hi-ace is not happy with it though, coz he doesn’t fancy moving around with the rain and the floods that usually fill Phnom Penh’s streets with just a few minutes of rain. But I just love it! The whole day I’d been doing some chores without getting hot and sweaty, done a bit of packing, then I cooked a really delicious lunch of course with steaming hot soup.

The afternoon was spent blogging, then after a couple of posts I grabbed a book and curled on the bed, reading. This is the time I crave to just curl up in a ratty old and comfy sofa, not those too modern couches that are just tad too uncomfortable. Then a mug of steaming hot chocolate or coffee and a good book or a really nice movie would be enough to take me to blissful state of contentment…

Hope the rain would stop every so often but I really like that the temperatures are not so hot anymore…

4 Replies to “Lovely Cool Weather Here In Phnom Penh..”

  1. Summer is here, so I’m wishing for rain. Although the temperatures are cooler this week, it can get REALLY humid and hot here for the next two months.
    Sounds like you guys are all set for the move. Best wishes.

  2. I love the rainy season!
    And yes, it makes it  easier to do chores at home (and blogging, hello, Sheriff!) without breaking into a sweat.
    Wimbly finals tomorrow night! Excited na aku to see Rafa bite his second Wimbly trophy. Wait, sana hindi mausug! hihihi.

    1. sreisaat, me too.. nasispagan ako magblog hehe ty kay sheriff at least our blogs aren;t going stale.. nice incentive di ba..

      oo im excited about the match, i’ve been doing chores like mad so I’ll have the free time talaga to watch =) Good Luck to our boy!

  3. Sana lang pag umulan, wag bumaha. Hehehe. Last Friday almost all the streets of PP were flooded, even  Norodom. Muntik nang lumangoy kotse namin. LOL!

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