Cambodia’s Wild East – Mondulkiri: Trip Chronicles 2

All Around Cambodia, Mondulkiri, Travel Time / Sunday, August 9th, 2009

Second day of our Mondulkiri Cambodia Trip..

I was extremely tempted to just sleep the day coz it was really cool and the room was cozy. But we had to drag ourselves up early coz the group is now going to have some pretty packed schedule. Visiting schools, giving out school supplies and donations for school administration, we’ll also visit a famous waterfall in between those school visits and we plan to cap the day watching the sun set at the Phnom Bai Chuw.

Photos of Outreach Program Sen Monorom Lower School and Putang Village Lower School

Notebooks, pens, pencils and other school supplies were given to students. Books, notepads, flash cards and boxes full of teaching materials and aid were given to teachers. There was also cash donations to the school administration for upgrading the school library and adding more materials.

Looking at the kids so happy at such simple things just drives home the fact that no matter what their situations are they really are eager to learn and to make better lives for themselves. There was also a student there who is half-blind but still goes diligently to school and the visiting teachers then gave her some financial assistance as well as other school materials. What is more touching is the way she said her thanks. She had tears streaming down her face and she just kept bowing and saying “ourkun charan” (thank you so much).

This just homed in on me that some things I take for granted like those notebooks, pencils etc but for others they are like treasures. I want to help more then. Even in small ways, I’d like to be able to reach out to communities like this. Perhaps as a volunteer or I’d like to help raise funds using my websites. This is a project I’ve been thinking of since we came back..

We also visited a high school library being constructed all through donations from overseas Khmers and now Pannasatra University is helping in its completion and hopefully this library would soon be open to students in the next few months.

We were done with the first school around 10:30 am then all went to Bousra Waterfalls, about 35 km from Sen Monorom. The photos and details of this water falls, I’ll be featuring in another post.

After our leisurely lunch in Bousra Waterfalls, we all then proceeded to Putang Village home to some of the Pnong minorities. We were to give out more school supplies and materials to the village school’s students. The way to this village is stunningly picturesque. I don’t have much photos 😀 my mouth was literally agape at what I was seeing. I felt like I was in some country club or golf club except that here it was all natural.

The village is charming and have a really rural feel to it. Chickens, cows and pigs walk about freely. When we arrived the children were all running happily, and the tribal leaders gave us a welcome presentation. They all gathered around in a circle, a big jar filled with native wine in the middle, then the leader said a short prayer of welcome and thanks. Then they played music with their gong-like instrument with an amazingly nice rhythm.

The group then distributed the gift packs to the students as well as the teachers. Extras were also given to curious little kids hanging around the school. I was happy to see Chinks getting into the spirit of things and happily joined the PUC students and gave out her small gift of pencils to the kids.

This is also one of the reasons we joined the trip. We want our daughter to have more awareness of people and situations around her. We also want her to know how important education and helping others is and how to take pleasure in simple things. Hopefully we could join more efforts and activities like this in the future..

After taking group pictures we all left for the Phnom Bai Chuw mountain (or the Raw Rice Mountain) a popular sunrise/sunset observation deck located 6km from Sen Monorom..

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  2. I’m glad that you’re doing this. It feels good to be able to help out in whatever way we can. And for your daughter to learn to share her blessings as easly as now. I myself spent time volunteering my skills in palawan as an elementary teacher and we were able to put up a library there. I just hope and pray that the community is taking good care of it. 😀

  3. Hopefully we could do more of this.. Helping others does gives a great sense of gratification . Seeing them living better lives is more than enough for me.

    Thanks for always hopping along and leaving comments.. BTW, I recommended your site to my sister. She’s an avid backpacker too and also into social work.. She has a blog – Sacred Grove. Hope you can visit.

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