NAIA Terminal 3…I Finally Got to See It :P

Philippines / Sunday, September 7th, 2008

This post is long overdue.. I had it in my drafts and I just keep forgetting to post it. We’ve all been itching to fly out from NAIA Terminal 3. This terminal has been really controversial so I wanted to see for myself if it really deserves the controversy and the money the government put into it.

So when Chinks and Lolo (her grandpa) went home to Bicol for a vacation, we tagged along so we could check out the new terminal. Well, the terminal has been open only for a month so there are still loads of things needing improvement in there to make it completely functional.

Here’s some of my thoughts about the new “Philippine gateway”..

    • I like its spaciousness. You have less chances of bumping into people here. When you get there, there is a separate unloading places for those with private vehicles and those taking cabs so people getting in can be more or less easily managed.

    • The interiors are minimalistic. The colors used areĀ  mostly gray and white, the only splashes of colors I saw there are the red lounge chairs and Cebu Pacific banners :).

    • The design allows a lot of light in so its nice that they thought of consuming less energy.

    • This terminal actually allows well-wishers to get inside. Well-wishers are allowed up to the check in area, then you can go around to the viewing deck (presently under construction) I’d say this is a big improvement to NAIA Terminal 1. It’s Filipino tradition to bring hordes of well-wishers to the airport so its good that they included this in the terminal design.

  • I know that this terminal have just opened but I do hope they would install those flight information monitors. Passengers won’t really have a clue which flight is departing, boarding or was canceled. So everything is just guesswork or you need to run over to the arrivals area (downstairs) just to ask about the flight status. So I’m hoping they could fix that up soon.
    • There is not much of signs to guide passengers there. Is that so hard to set up? I mean it would save them a lot of manpower if they actually have signs pointing passengers to where they should be.

  • I’m not sure I like the policy of having all check in counters open for all flights. I mean, this can be a recipe for mix ups. I kept thinking about my daughter’s luggage boarding the flight to Butuan instead of being inside the plane to Legazpi or I was probably being overly anxious again :(.
    • Grab a bite first before going there. Since its operation is still on start-up, there is limited number of food concessionaires there but I’m sure there will be more shops there in the near future.

    • The terminal is also situated a little further than the two other terminals so they also have shuttle services with two routes. One going around the three terminals and another going to Baclaran and MRT/LRT Pasay area. This is a great idea and a big help for those with connecting flights and those who want to save on taxi fares. Shuttle service charges 20 Pesos per head.

(Sorry, Photo is kinda blurry I just took them with my phone.. )

Watch the video for a walkthrough at the NAIA T3 with Tirso G. Serrano, Manila International Airport Authority (MIAA) assistant general manager for airport development and corporate affairs..

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