Living in Phnom Penh: Just a Nippy Update..

General, Living in Phnom Penh / Saturday, December 12th, 2009

~~~Lui does some Girly  Time..~~~

Twas holiday last Thursday but Chinks had classes so I had some time to myself. Ok and since Hi-ace had no classes either I drove him crazy with my nagging. Haha.. He says he misses me making him do so many thing like scrub the windows, or cook breakfast and now I’m bugging him about looking for shoe covers. We are filling up our backyard with soil and it has become so dusty when its windy and specially during this season we haven’t had any rains so dust really gets around so I’m freaking out. I could scrub and vacuum clean all the rest but the shoes, poor them, they get dusty so I wanna have something to cover them.

Anyway, since I’ve been asking him to do so many stuff, Hi-ace suggested why don’t I just go to a spa or a salon and get my nails done or whatever. Ah, good idea, I’ve been wanting to straighten my hair coz it’s so frizzy but I don’t get much time. It would require that I be free for at least 4 hours. He drove me over to a salon near Sovanna Mall along St. 271.

I rarely recommend any service but if you are in Phnom Penh and you want to get your hair done or your nails, Angel Hair and Beauty Salon is recommended. Good value and great service. I should have taken before and after photos but I just forgot. Prices are mid-range, ok, they don’t come so cheap (compared to other salons here) but they use good products, the salon is spacious, they are not super crowded (which I hate! How can you get pampered and relaxed in a place that is brimming with people?), the staff very nice, and the service really good.

~~~ Stuffed Myself with Suki Soup~~~

We found this eat all you can ‘suki’ soup place along Sihanouk Blvd. here in Phnom Penh, I can’t seem to recall the name coz its in Chinese, its right across Cellcard office being constructed, right beside a Chinese resto with lots of fishes swimming in tanks. We love eating here coz well its eat-all-you-can for only $4.90 per person, 50% off for kids. That price already includes a pot of boiling soup (refillable), a big variety of choices of foodies you want to include in your soup (different kinds of meat, seafoods, assorted veggies, different kinds of noodles etc), drinks, and choices of dessert. Good value and you can really stuff yourself till well, you’re bursting full.

~~~ Gotta a New Bed ~~~

Hi-ace ordered this huge wood bed from the province and it was delivered last Thursday. The workmanship is not really the best but it is good enough (considering the price hehe) so he has been really happy doing some polishing and re-varnishing it today.  It’s a king size bed, with a simple headboard, I’m not sure what kind of wood it is, but it looks great and would you believe we got it for less than $150?

~~~Off Somewhere~~~

This is supposed to be a nippy and quickie update but its seems I got carried away again. Will be off now coz I really want to go over to K-Four along Monivong Blvd. to check out some LCD TV. Our old TV is almost going bonkers (my fault, I dropped it again coz of my cleaning frenzy a few days ago..) and I want to change cable TV subscription so I’m thinking of buying a new one. But I have to window shop first. =) Ciao!

6 Replies to “Living in Phnom Penh: Just a Nippy Update..”

  1. I heard that one of the cable providers here will give you a flat TV in exchange for a certain period of subscription. You might want to check on it =)

    Love your new hair! See yah on Wednesday.

  2. Lui, wooden bed ba? We also have a very heavy wooden bed frame and headboard with very ornate carvings on it. Such a hassle, I can’t move it whenever I’m cleaning. Halos malaglag na matris ko dae man lang naghihiro! *lol*
    How was your trip to K-Four? Have you decided on what LCD TV brand to buy? It’s also in our wish list, hopefully we could get one next year. I wish Santa is listening right now!
    By the way, see you on Wednesday. I love your new look =)

  3. @zarah, hahaha you made me laugh with that.. baka nga malaglag din matris ko nito. amazing yung price ng bed, kaso ang bigat, needs 4 guys to lift it up and its gonna take up most of the space sa room.

    the trip to K-Four was good, I’m torn between Sony Bravia ($499) and the latest Samsung ($450). Sony, I like coz of the ‘quality’ and brand, but the Samsung looks really sleek. Yung mga 28″ lang to ha.. Yoko kasi ng super laki parang lalamunin ako..

    Theres also this new Panasonic Vieta LCD na 14″, ang cute, nice for the room..

    Hope to buy one soon..Will see you Wednesday.

  4. Hi! Love the sound of the suki soup place. Do you have more detailed directions or more recognizable landmarks around? Is the street Sihanouk? That’s the only place I have ever seen a Cellcard location under construction …

  5. @Christi, you’re right, sorry my bad, its Sihanouk Blvd. Its really near the intersection and the resto is right beside an optical shop and across Singapore Beauty Salon.

    Hope you can try it out =)

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