Cambodia Snapshots: Koh Thas

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This little island is called Koh Thas off Sihanoukville and very near Koh Rong Samloeun. It’s popular with locals for snorkeling and fishing. Most day cruise ships make a short stop here for a spot of swimming. I was searching my photo archive and found these. Snaps of our day cruise to Koh Rong Samloeun […]

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Cambodia Snapshots: Dusk in Kep

All Around Cambodia, Cambodia Snapshots, Kep

It’s been awhile. I guess the universe has been conspiring to keep me away from blogging with too many things happening towards the end of 2016! I don’t do new years resolutions anymore, but if there is one thing I wanted done this January, its to revive this blog. I’ve been fixing up the themes […]

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Cambodia Snapshots: Seven Sea Resort in Kiri Sakor

All Around Cambodia, Cambodia Snapshots, Koh Kong

Absolutely gorgeous, not to mention almost deserted beach in Koh Kong (Kiri Sakor area). Last April we drove with some family and friends over to the area being developed by Chinese companies. They are building golf courses and resorts in the area. They actually built an all new road called Union Road. It was massive […]

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Cambodia Snapshots: Elephant Ride

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  One of the most popular, touristy things to do in Angkor Wat Archeological Park in Siem Reap Cambodia. Visitors usually take these elephant rides to climb Phnom Bakheng, where people flock to watch beautiful sunsets. This is an entry to my photo series Cambodia Snapshots and Our World Tuesday.

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From Cacao Trees to Hot Chocolate!


Nothing beats a hot chocolate drink during rainy Sundays. Or during Christmas season, that’s a thrice a week morning must have for us. Christmas mornings or rainy days seems so incomplete without it. My husband was curious about this family tradition as well as how make our own chocolate from cacao fruit. My father has […]

October 7, 2008

Divisoria, Manila’s Bargain Shopping Mecca


One of the places I would miss most in Manila are Quiapo and Divisoria. I love bargain hunting and these two places are simply the place to be for really great bargains. I’ve actually written a 3-post guide to Quiapo in my other blog but I have yet to post something about my favorite “shopping […]

September 19, 2008

NAIA Terminal 3…I Finally Got to See It :P


This post is long overdue.. I had it in my drafts and I just keep forgetting to post it. We’ve all been itching to fly out from NAIA Terminal 3. This terminal has been really controversial so I wanted to see for myself if it really deserves the controversy and the money the government put […]

September 7, 2008

Enjoying Pho Hoa


Two nights ago, hubby was craving for some noodle soup – Vietnamese style. I know how to cook the simplest Pho but I was really busy to do some shopping so we all decided to just dine out. Cambodian Pho and Vietnamese Pho tastes similar so when hubby misses home he’d ask for Vietnamese food. […]

August 12, 2008

Typhoons, Aftermaths and Memories


To say that the Philippines is a calamity prone area would be an understatement. The country lies within the typhoon belt of Western Pacific and on average we get to have at least 19 typhoons each year. It doesn’t stop there, we are also on the northwestern fringes of the Pacific Ring of Fire so […]

June 23, 2008