Phnom Penh Getaways: Les Lacs Resort

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Phnom Penh is a small city compared to other Southeast Asian mega cities. So if you  had been living here for sometime already, you’d feel like you easily run out of places to go. There’s not much in terms of theme parks for kids or farm type resorts within the city and its outskirts. So if you’re thinking of ironing out your jodhpurs and play the equestrian for the weekend, you’re out of luck. There are sports clubs around but they are small and usually jam packed during weekends.

Whenever we have time, we usually head out and drive over to Kampot, Kep or Sihanoukville. But on busier weekends, we’ve been discovering small resorts and restaurants in the outskirts of the city. Sometimes we hang out in those ‘Khmer hammocks-restaurants‘ or picnic places like Sour Soben in Kandal. Oftentimes, we go check out resorts along National Road #1.

Our favorite place for a day trip during the weekend is hands down the Les Lacs Resort.

A really great place to get away from the heat and noise of the city without going too far. This resort has a huge lush garden, affordable rooms, open air gazebos, open air restaurant, ponds and a small pool. The restaurant is really good and very affordable. Offers a huge assortment of Khmer and Vietnamese food as well as some Western fare.

They don’t charge an entrance fee. Swimming pool use is about $3 and free if you stay in a room. You can even bring your own food, but they’ll charge a corkage fee (minimal) and you can use their grill.

There are other resorts within the vicinity, but we prefer this place for three reasons (1) Great natural ambiance (2) Delicious and very affordable food and (3) Friendly, unobtrusive service.

If you’re looking for a weekend place, check out:

Les Lacs Fleuris Resort
Tel: (855) 11 333 688, (855) 24 68 68 380

They are about 10-15 mins drive from Chbar Ampouv Market along National Rd. 1.

2 Replies to “Phnom Penh Getaways: Les Lacs Resort”

  1. I think it’s a new place, just opened or maybe because I didn’t go to that area often since one or two year already.

    It looks a good place to discover. Thank for sharing this.

    1. @santel, hi. I think they had been open for a a year or two. we love it, very quiet and tranquil place, so its easy to relax. and the price is very good too.

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