Phnom Penh in Bloom..

All Around Cambodia, Living in Phnom Penh, Phnom Penh / Friday, April 29th, 2011

Here’s another living in Phnom Penh post…

From March till around June, I am frequently complaining about the heat in Phnom Penh. Yes, its scorching hot. Seldom rains and consequently I stay indoors most of the time. And I am not so happy with that. Hahaha! I like having my little outings, little adventures. But the heat makes that so impossible. I’m even lazy to go to the market and buy our weekly food stock!

Still, there are lots of good things about this season. One, no rain, no floods. Phnom Penh has a really bad sewerage system. In Tuol Tompong area where hubby’s family lives, just a bit of rain for 30 minutes means flood. So, at least when its hot like these, we avoid these floods.

Two, the city is in bloom! A thing I really appreciate about the city are the trees! Yes, coming from Manila where trees in the city is a rarity, the trees in Phnom Penh are like heaven sent. Both sides of streets here are lined with trees. I noticed its like color coordinated. South part has lots of trees with yellow flowers, some streets mostly have red-orange blooming fire trees. Norodom Blvd.  mostly has trees with purple – pink flowering trees. Streets near Kampuchea Krom and St. 110 are lined with frangipani trees with white blooms. And its just lovely…

Here’s some shots of the trees in bloom. I only managed to take a photo of the yellow ones. I keep forgetting..Aren’t they just lovely?

intersection near Russian Market

Cambodia-Vietnam Friendship Park {Sothearos Blvd.}

On a totally different note,  I want to have a massage. A long one. The past few weeks have been very hectic and I feel just so drained. A few days ago, hubby and I had been driving around and we saw several shops advertising a bed massage. Hubby is interested to try it. I dunno how it operates, maybe its like the OSIM massage chairs? I think I’ll make him try it, lolz just so we would know how it is, in any case it just costs 5000 Riels. Or maybe I should learn how to be a masseuse and enroll myself in a massage therapy program? But then, I want to be the one to be pampered so I think I’ll just visit a real massage/spa soon.

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  1. You are right – these yellow flower-trees are just lovely! I wonder why I didn’t notice them last year, or in previous years? Soon, the fire trees will be in bloom and the golden yellows will be mixed with furious reds. I can’t wait.
    But it won’t hurt if it rains a bit, ‘no? Going out to do errands with this kind of heat guarantees you severe headaches, if not migraine. Kumusta na? When are we going to have coffee?

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