Phnom Penh Post Office: Beautiful French Colonial Building

All Around Cambodia, Phnom Penh / Monday, August 6th, 2012

A couple of friends who came over to visit me and my family commented Phnom Penh is small, and not cosmopolitan compared to cities like Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur or even Saigon. And yes, I’d agree with that.

Phnom Penh indeed is a young, smallish city. While there are skyscrapers and new developments cropping up in the city, its still a far cry from mega city jungles. In fact, what appealed to me when we first visited here was the small town vibe to it.

Those who are looking out for  a concrete jungle, mega city atmosphere, they would probably end up being disappointed. But those looking for a place with a small town feel, or those who come with a really open mind and just arrive with the intent to enjoy what the city has to offer, well, they usually end up happier. Some report that the night life here in Phnom Penh is getting better and I’d probably believe that judging by the number of bars/resto’s lining up the riverside strip. You know,  err my idea of entertainment would be nice music, preferably someone playing acoustic guitar, nice ambiance, and good food. But that’s just me and now I’m veering out of my point. Ha!

I think the city has some nice things to offer. One thing I have noticed, friends who have an interest in architecture, specially colonial architecture always end up having a grand grand time. There are a lot of old old buildings around.  If you are a French colonial architecture enthusiast, then you have to check out the beautiful French styled Phnom Penh Post Office. It’s near Sisowath Quay and just a couple of blocks away from Wat Phnom.

Here’s some snapshots..

The Cambodia Post Office. One of the many French colonial buildings in the city..


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