Quiet Phnom Penh Days…

Living in Phnom Penh / Thursday, February 3rd, 2011

I’m blogging because I’m bored. Yes!!! I’m bored. The past two days were hectic. Preparing this and that for the lunar new year. And today, I’ve just had my fill of too much food and wanted to hit the shops for some paper supplies and I also wanted to look for some art prints.

Hubby said, though that most shops are closed today and probably will open tomorrow or on Saturday. Wahhhhh! The streets are almost empty, I even told Hi-ace, I’ll have the guts to drive around the city if its empty like today. But that’s quite frustrating too coz I was in a ‘go out’ mood. But what can I do hahaha, that’s the way Khmers celebrate, they usually go hightail it to the provinces.

Anyway, with nothing much to do but eat, sleep, play video games, this morning we decided to go visit the Chinese temples in Tahkmao. Wow! It was packed with people. That’s actually our first time to go there and the past year we usually just make our offerings at home.

Will post photos and talk more about some unique Khmer-Chinese New Year rituals I learned about…soon. For now, I’ll be staying true to my promise. I’ll be relaxing and enjoying the new year downtime till tomorrow. =) Off to sleep now. Ciao!

2 Replies to “Quiet Phnom Penh Days…”

  1. Ako rin bored na – nothing to do except eat!
    My laptop got infected with, not one, but two types of virus – sveslike.exe and crumpache – that destroyed my system-restore file. I could also not use R’s desktop as much as I liked as he was using it to find “cure” online for my lappie 🙁 Buti na lang ayos na today. Are we on tomorrow at the Bamboo Spa?

  2. Zar, yes. lets take the later slot? 11? oo, its so boring. even in MIL’s house they are all sleeping. rest time daw hahaha. they cook huge batches of food in the morning and sleep the whole day hahaha..

    uyy, that’s sad about your lappie. im using avast and another program to scan detachable drives. so far, no viruses encountered yet. and every other day i do a scan. paranoid kaya ako eh ang dami kong files. =) see yah

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