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All Around Cambodia, Kep / Sunday, May 16th, 2010

I’ve been hearing a lot of good things about Kep  Cambodia that I didn’t stop bugging Hi-ace to go there. He’s usually always so busy and we could only go somewhere when there is a holiday, so the Labor Day was our ‘Kep’ time. I promised myself I’d eat a lot of seafoods and really take advantage of the time to de-stress.

We just took the bus going to Kampot which passes by Kep. Travel was pretty straightforward and quick. We left around 7:30 am and before lunch time we were already in Kep. My first impressions of the place, it was soooo quiet and so unlike other Cambodian towns where you’ll be confused by gazillions of moto’s, in Kep the streets were wide and almost devoid of any traffic. I was still on the bus but I already had the feeling it was going to be a super relaxing holiday, just what I needed.

Kep Cambodia

We stayed at Kep Lodge, a quaint little place about 700 hundred meters from the main road, with airy bungalows nestled among the greens and a really nice view of the Gulf. A plus was the infinity pool which Chinks enjoyed to the fullest. Me? I just loved the hammock on the bungalow’s veranda. Perfect for lazing around.The lodge also has a restaurant with friendly and attentive staff, with lots of books you can borrow, the billiard table was great and the bar serving a good variety of drinks and cocktails.

There’s not much in terms of entertainment in Kep. So if you’re in the mood for a wild party best head over to Sihanoukville, coz Kep is really a place to relax, be lazy, enjoy nature and of course, seafoods.It’s quiet, serene and it reminds me so much of our place in Bicol. No wonder this place is where the Khmer elite used to vacation before the Khmer Rouge years.

Kep Cambodia (2010)

Kep Cambodia (2010)

Yes! Seafoods! You can either go to the seaside shacks fronting the provincial capitol building, or those lining the road in front of Kep Beach. The staff in Kep Lodge gave us a map of places to go in Kep, and they also recommended we dine at the Crab Market. And that’s what we did for the next two days, eat a lot of seafoods. If in you’re eating there try KimLy Restaurant and Kep Thmei Restaurants.

It was a really, really lazy and relaxing weekend and for sure well be going back there sometime soon. I’ll be uploading more photos once I get a hold of the copies coz my desktop has been acting up..

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  1. I  love Kep because it is quiet. Some people get disappointed because there’s no beach but me, am fine with it. The seafood more than compensates for the lack of beach. Hahaha!!

    1. Sam, korak! im not a big fan of swimming in the beach i prefer pools pero i like frying sunbathing myself.. Hayy i love Kep and now I’m planning to go back for another weekend though si Hi-ace gusto Ratanakiri..

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