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Living in Phnom Penh, Restaurants - Cambodia / Friday, July 28th, 2017

**update: RestoreOne Cafe is no longer operating**

Tuol Tompong (Russian Market) area is my area. It’s where my in-laws house is, where their business is and its also a short 5 minute drive away from our own place. When we moved here in 2004, there weren’t much in terms of dining options. Yes, there were small Khmer eateries but if you are craving nice pasta or perhaps a good burger, you’d have to drive over to Boeung Keng Kang area or Riverside.

But things have changed. Of course, a good 10 years plus have passed and Tuol Tompong area now has its share of cafes, pubs and restaurants. These days St 155 is beginning to resemble St 51 with numerous coffee shops sprouting out every month. St. 123 is also booming with quaint boutique hotels and plenty of restaurant options.

One of those places dotting St. 123 is Restore One Cafe. My first visit here was with a few friends for brunch. I love how breezy and quirky the place looks.

What’s even great about this cafe is that this is a training ground for young people Restore One organization is helping.

Restore One Cafe Phnom Penh

Burger on photo was what I ordered, I already forgot what its called. Burgers are served with fries and choice of sauce. I really appreciated the texture and taste of the buns. Obviously it was freshly baked. The patty was average, but the caramelized onion was good. I’m not so sure this is still in their updated menu, though. My friend ordered their Loc Lac Special and she said it was good.

Restore One Cafe Phnom Penh

Service was also friendly. My only quibble was it took awhile for the food to be done considering we were the only ones there.

Restore One Cafe (Facebook Page)
#23 St. 123 Tuol Tompong
Phnom Penh

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