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Living in Phnom Penh / Wednesday, June 10th, 2009

I’ve been lamenting the fact that good, reliable and affordable Internet Service Providers in Phnom Penh are just hard to come by, which I consider tragic đŸ˜› to my blogging and website building activities. Still, I had to get myself an ISP so I’d been trying to check out all available ISP services in Phnom Penh and I’ve previously written a post about  Finding the Ideal Internet Service Provider in Phnom Penh listing ISP’s currently offering their services.

Among the long list, I’ve picked out QBMore because I’ve been receiving positive feedback from friends who have tried out the service.

An overview of their service:

Runs on 3G network (3G phones or HSDPA USB modem a prerequisite)
Has two internet subscription options(both pre-paid):
Time-Based: $.03/min charge
Maximum accumulated cost: $35
Max Download/Upload Data Allowance: 1.5G
Volume-Based:$.01/60KB (mobile internet)$0.01/400KB (Mobile TV)
Max Cost: None
Max Data Allowance: none

I’ve been using it for about a month already and here’s my review about QBMore’s internet service.

1. Speed – yes! halleluiah.. at last I’m getting speed I can tolerate.. I mean, I can work with. I don’t have to wait ages to get a page to load, nor do I need to wait eons to get a download finished. I work usually mornings and after lunch and during this time I could get top speeds of a little less than 3+ Mbps.

2. Affordable Price – $35 max. monthly for time-based plans. I would say this is a price that is easier to swallow than other ISP’s because you’ll be getting good speed. But I do also have my complaints about this..

3. Easy to Install – just grab a SIM (about $10, with $3 preloaded value) and a 3G handset or a HSDPA USB modem and you’re good to go. No costly equipment (except if you opt to purchase a USB modem which costs more or less $200), no installation charge, no long waits or queues. In my case, I’m using a 3G phone already so it was as easy as just purchasing a SIM.

4. You don’t have to bend over just to get the service started on your phone or your computer. Once you place the QB SIM inside your 3G phone, you would automatically receive the internet settings and configuration via SMS. If you missed all that, QB’s website also have a easy to follow guide on configuring your phone.

5. Ease of Account Monitoring. Simply register your SIM on their website, and voila! you can now easily check how much your data consumption is, and how much you have been charged.


1. Slowdowns and Difficulty to Connect at Night Time – this problem usually starts at 7pm till 11pm so if you need to be connected during this time, it’s kinda like beating your head against a concrete wall. I’ve actually given up trying to connect during this “peak hours” but this is really a downside. In the first place, you want to have internet because you need to be connected at ANY TIME.

2. What’s with the 1.5G data allowance cap? Note that this 1.5G limit is per month not per day. Gee, some ISP’s provide about 500 MB’s data allowance per day. Seriously, this can be easily consumed within a week or even less. Switching over to volume-based subscription is an option but I would say it would be like a wallet-suicide! Qb is for light internet-surfers and definitely NOT for heavy users unless you have oodles of money to spend on internet.QB – don’t be so stingy with your data allowance hmmn?

3. $35 cost limits. I don’t really understand the reason behind this except to force subscribers to switch over to volume-based subsription which is way too expensive.

As for their customer service, well, I haven’t had the chance yet to encounter them yet so I have nothing to say in that area..

Here’s some things I’d recommend for QB..

Do something about the lousy nightime service. Having too much subscribers using the service is not good enough excuse or reason. Before even daring to market your product and take in customers, do beef up your infrastructure so problems like this can be avoided.

Come up with additional subscription packages, preferably with unlimited data usage option or an affordable volume-based package. Hopefully, they could make improvements in this area especially since competition seems to be waking up.. Hmmm I heard that Mfone is soon to launch its unlimited mobile internet service?? Any truth to this?

Not everyone has a 3G phone and those USB modems available in the market are way too pricey, I know Qb previously offered HSDPA USB Modems for just $95 but everytime I enquired they are usually unavailable so I’m hoping QB would have more deals like this to make installing their service easier on the pocket.(Note..If you buy a USB modem you will still need to have a 3G phone to be able to top-up your QB account.)

My overall verdict? QB has promising service in need of some more enhancements. And yes, I’d recommend it for light-users/surfers only, until they can come up with good value plans for heavy users..

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