Road to Preah Vihear

I was unable to sleep again last night so I downloaded Hi-ace’s photos from their recent Preah Vihear-Siem Reap- Battambang trip. It was his students from a local university who organized the tour mainly for their community outreach projects. We were supposed to join but we were unsure about the road conditions and we don’t want to drag Chinks on a road trip that would last for 3 days. Hi-ace also told me that the landscape would be pretty dreary and dusty because its dry season.

Road To Preah Vihear (2010)

He was right. Not much greens around and it was really really dusty. Road conditions were okay. Though there were certain parts going to Preah Vihear where the bus had a hard time going through particularly some bridges.

Road To Preah Vihear (2010)

Once they reached the base of the mountain where the temples are, buses cannot go on anymore. The Preah Vihear temples are located on a mountain and I was surprised to learn, its not just one temple but several, all around the mountain. So you are in for a steep climbing and walking exercise till you reach the last temple perched near the summit of the mountain. I guess this makes these temples extra special. And Hi-ace says, the views not to mention the temples is more than enough to make up for the effort in going there..

Road To Preah Vihear (2010)

The road going up the temples is well paved but it was very steep. Scary, really just looking at the photos but they seemed to be having the time of their lives and if it was me, I would be enjoying the adventure too (sans Chinkee though)..Only those hardy 4×4’s and expert drivers can really navigate these roads, I think. Makes me think that really you’re in the middle of nowhere..

Road To Preah Vihear (2010)

Road To Preah Vihear (2010)

Road To Preah Vihear (2010)

Road To Preah Vihear (2010)

Some of the ¬†photos were taken while on the bus so some might be blurry. I demanded err requested Hi-ace to take lots of photos and he did. lol! ¬†Hmm, I guess if you’re looking for some adventure this is one place to go..

Preah Vihear Cambodia (2010)


  1. Sreisaat

    March 14, 2010 at 3:44 pm

    C’mon let’s go to Preah Vihear!! I wanna see the disputed temples before it is thrown into another bout of controversy again.
    Grabe palan ang roads ano, parang Ratanakiri in 2001.

    1. Lui

      March 14, 2010 at 8:36 pm

      oo nga Z. i love adventures like that.. im not so into luxury travel (minsan minsan lang hehe) im more the backpacker type at heart and sobrang inggit ko sa adventures nila. type na type ko yung mga tipong na-stranded.

      hayy kelan kaya magiging peaceful zone yan para mapuntahan naman.. pero siguro the way is well paved na and no more conflict baka mabawasan ang appeal sa akin..

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