Rubber Tree Plantations in Kampong Cham

All Around Cambodia / Wednesday, February 22nd, 2012

One of Cambodia’s biggest industry is rubber production. I’ve known this for awhile, and hubby has also been asking me to go to Kampong Cham province for the longest time already to have a look at the rubber plantations, but I was not really that interested. I was thinking, hmm, I don’t work for Michelin, Goodyear or I don’t even make rubber bands so what could I find interesting there?Hahaha.. Yeah, that’s the silly, ignorant me talking.

Kampong Cham, Cambodia is where most of the huge rubber tree plantations are and recently this industry have seen a big revival and when we went to Mondulkiri last weekend, we had to pass thru this province. And I did regretted not agreeing to go to these plantations sooner. It’s pretty scenic and all you can see are rows and rows of rubber trees. There are rubber trees as far as your eyes can see. So its all green..

Rubber Plantations in Kampong Cham

We saw how rubber glue is harvested and it was pretty interesting. Workers scrape the skin of mature rubber trees usually on a daily basis, then the small rubber glue drippings are gathered and collected on a little wooden bowl attached to the base of the tree.

Rubber Plantations in Kampong Cham

I was thinking, how many gallons of that would be needed to make one tire? And I finally understood the Khmer fixation with using rubber bands for just about anything. They have plenty of it as it happens. They have a passionate affinity with rubber bands, just ask my husband who I think secretly believes rubber bands would make a great gift. Lol.

Rubber Plantations in Kampong Cham

Anyway, I’ve got tons of photos of the recent trip and I’m still editing. But at the rate Phnom Penh’s electric company is enforcing power cuts, I’ll be finished with the editing maybe next week.

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  1. I didn’t know that rubber production is one of their biggest industry. Now I know, thanks to yah =)

    Love the picture with the monks.

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