Scatterbrained Days

General / Wednesday, February 24th, 2010

I’ve been so absent minded these past few days. A lot of my work (blogging and website building) activities had been at rest for a few days already. Organizing my computer files had also been forgotten now I don’t exactly know where to resume hehe.

This is so not me! But a few days ago I had been planning our trips for the year, at least for the next six months. Hi-ace schedules are as usual very difficult to pin down. I’ve already booked tickets for our month-long Bicol, Phlippines vacation on July. I know its too early but I wanted to have the tickets already so I won’t have reason to back out. It’s just me and Chinks going because Hi-ace still have loads of classes that time as well as office work. His break will be on August 8 and our return date is on Aug 11..So, he really has no choice but to stay put.

He’s been acting morose, I know coz he loves going to the Philippines and he prefers shopping there plus I guess he just misses the place. He has already given me a long list of what he wants to be bought and I seriously think I won’t be doing much shopping for myself since he has quite a long list and I hate having too much baggage when I travel.

He’s constantly murmuring and asking me what is he going to do when were not around. I suggested going to the gym (he says no..), doing some gardening (he says maybe!), going on a short trip (he says maybe not, its boring without me and Chinks :P), or maybe go play some sports (other than soccer he doesn’t play other sports) – tennis, swimming or maybe golf. But I could just imagine him swearing at the expense (he’s incredibly frugal unlike me haha!) and he’ll probably be using used golf balls just to be happy.

Anyway I promised to cook him sinigang (Pinoy style sour soup – his all-time favorite) twice a week and this seemed to perk him up a bit. I’ve also bugged him about joining his students trip to Preah Vihear this coming March 6. Initially he didn’t want to go because we weren’t going, but I pushed him into it ..(so he could take photos and I could post here hahaha), so now he’s looking forward to that as well. Ouwie, Chinks and I will be going to Sihanoukville for 3 days. Our first choice was a lazy weekend in Kep but the place I wanted to book was full so we’ll just opt for Sihanoukville for now.

I’ve also already planned Chinkee’s birthday trip which will coincide with the Khmer New Year. We’ll all be off to Ho Chi Minh city in Vietnam. That’s Chinkee’s choice, I dunno why I would have preferred going to KL or Singapore but she insists it has to be Vietnam. Lol! Her current bff is a cute Vietnamese boy and he probably is behind the choice. Anyway since its her birthday, then she can make the choice and well be staying for about 4 days there.

I’m also thinking of going to Bangkok this May, if not Sept or October if Hi-ace is still here. We’ll also be spending this year’s Christmas holidays in the Philippines since it has been two years already we had been having Christmas here and my parents are getting lonely..

And oh, aside from planning those stuff, I had also been worried about my father’s health. Last week, my mom said his blood sugar is up again and his diabetes might recur. His prostate cancer has also been in remission but just recently his PSA is going up and this worries his doctor. If things don’t improve I might also make a short trip this May to check on him..

Ahh, the things I worry about. Now back to my regular programming – blogging and updating some websites.. But wait.. It’s 10:30 am now, time for me to prepare lunch.. Ciao!

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  1. I wish I could do some kind of travel planning myself, but me and my husband kind of like spontaneous actions hehhe. Kaya nga, most of the times ay di organised ang mga trips namin at maraming bumps but in the end, we took it as part of the adventure.
    I hope your father’s condition will be back to normal so you won’t have to worry about him. I know the situation, mahirap sa atin dahil malayo tayo sa kanila.
    Anyways, enjoy your travels… ayan, plural ha,  and pagbalik mo, don’t forget the pasalubongs ha! *lol*
    P.S. sayang, di pala kayo matutuloy sa Kep.

  2. @J, hihi i wish I had boatloads of money. hahaha baka every week nasa byahe ako nyan. . long overdue na kase trip to Pinas and I’m worried about my dad. Hopefully, he’ll get better so I won’t have to go this May.. Ang hirap magbudget..

    @Z, we both used to travel like that. Yung tipong bigla lang akong nagising and I wanna go somewhere. I miss that though ngayon mahirap na especially with a kid tagging along.

    Yes, medyo frustrated ako sa Kep. Full na kase yung Kep Lodge for the dates I want. Eh dun ko gusto dahil sa pool and sa food. I checked out Veranda Resort pero di pa daw gawa pool nila eh maarte si Chinks gusto may pool.  So Sihanoukville na lang daw kami..


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