Living in Phnom Penh: Shopping and Meeting Blind Drivers

Living in Phnom Penh / Sunday, October 4th, 2009

After having lunch and celebrating the Chinese Mooncake Festival with relatives, Hi-ace went off to school since he has graduate research class to teach. Chinks and I went home but after an hour of boring TV shows, we decided to head off to Sovanna mall to have coffee for me and ice cream for her.

We roamed around the mall and I was thinking of buying a handbag but I feel like their too expensive (the one I liked was $60) when I know that they are just replicas and not really good ones at that. So I put it off and headed to CityMart and bought  slip-on sandals. I loved it, super comfy and costs just $10.

I had an espresso at LuckCafe but Chinks decided she wanted to eat  hamburger with fries. I bought her the pack and geez she could actually finish it. I mean she’s just six but she could work up an appetite like an adult and I was betting she’d be hungry again by the time we get home.

Hubby picked us up around seven pm on a motorbike and we drove home. Then when were just like a block from our house, there came this motorbike out of nowhere, take note with no headlights at night and driving at full speed, and it narrowly missed hitting us. That scared me, coz here its quite common to see motorbikes with headlights on during daytime and no headlights at nightime.  I figured maybe it’s thrilling to drive around without your headlights and they have fun driving around like a blind and not caring if they hit somebody. It might be something that we have to learn to get used to but I certainly don’t like it!

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