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I’m on the third trimester of my pregnancy already. Time really does fly, noh? I’m planning on doing a post series on being pregnant here in Phnom Penh, mostly about pre-natal care, finding a doctor, hospital etc. Soon. So far the pregnancy has been uncomplicated and after deliberating where I want to give birth, we have decided to have our son here in Phnom Penh.

Anyway, for this post, I’ll be blabbing about shopping for baby in Phnom Penh.

To be honest, when I first found out I was pregnant, I was thinking perhaps its good to shop for baby things in Manila or last December when we went to Bangkok. But, I decided against it. Silly really when I know there are thousands of women giving birth here and I’ve seen lots of baby shops around.

Since this is already our second child, I know better now and has been extra cautious in buying stuff. It’s quite easy to be carried away and its actually exciting to shop for babies but a whole lot of things I bought during my first pregnancy were just total waste of money.  One thing to keep in mind, newborns grow so fast. So most of the things you’ll be buying like clothes would just be used for a few months. I purposely made my shopping list earlier because I know I don’t want to go around shopping during the summer heat. So yeah, I did complete my shopping awhile back when my tummy wasn’t huge yet and making me waddle like a whale and it was still a bit cooler.

Where to shop?

My favorite place for baby clothes – Russian Market (Tuol Tompong Market) . I found lots of Carter’s rompers, socks, pants and blankets in Russian Market. Some baby shops there also have newborn side-tie or button down cotton shirts that cost less than $1 each. They also have cotton hats-mittens-sock sets for around 6,000 – 8,000 Riels per set. I quite like the quality of the baby clothing I bought, all cotton,easy to wash.

For baby bottles, cleaning supplies, also carriers, cribs, bouncers – Baby Care in St. 51 is really one of the best places to go. I’ve been to several other baby shops around the city but Baby Care really has more inventory and better pricing. UPDATE -> I found the Baby Care shop along St. 271 (right beside Russian Hospital and near Sovanna Mall) also carry a lot of stuff you might need for baby.  This is where I found Dr. Brown’s baby bottles and Vicks Baby Rub (heh!). Also their selection of diapers is just better. 

Farlin branches, Gracco (along Sihanouk Blvd) and City Mart are just few of the shops carrying a selection of strollers.

Cambodia Parents Network, Mummy and Daddy Club Cambodia, Buy and Sell Cambodia are also worth checking out if you’re on the lookout for second hand items. I even got a second hand Chicco baby bouncer from one of the posted ads on CPN at a really bargain price.

I also bought a birth ball (aka gym/swiss/yoga ball) from one of the sports shops along Monivong Blvd near Central Market. They also have this in City Mart and some bookstores.

As for maternity wear I got some loose shirts from Central Market. Also Mother’s Boutique Cambodia (along Monivong Blvd, across Thai Huot grocery) has an affordable selection of mommy fashion. Mothers En Vogue also carry a good selection of maternity clothes.

There were also things I can’t find here so I went online. I got some stuff like washable cloth diapers and inserts as well as diaper liners from Most of the sellers provide free shipping by registered mail and I got the items about 2-3 weeks from order date.

If you know of more shops for moms and babies, do drop a comment on this post, other Phnom Penh mom-to-be’s might find it useful.

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