Shopping in Phnom Penh: A Red Bag

Shopping in Phnom Penh / Sunday, May 16th, 2010

I love bargain hunting! In fact, I’m an UK (ukay-ukay/second hand) connoisseur. I used to lament the fact that there are no decent shopping malls here, but once I discovered some fabulous bargain hunting grounds, I’m now more than okay. And besides, things are now improving with new malls and boutiques sprouting here and there, with each new mall  getting bigger than the last one. Where before I couldn’t find an ATM machine, now these are everywhere and debit cards are now gaining some following. So a few more years and PP will be a shopping haven for a shopping crazy girl like me..

Anyway, one of my favorite bargain hunting ground is Japan Thrift shop along St. 47. I’m usually there every weekend and even Hi-ace have caught the Japan Thrift bug. Two Saturdays ago, we went there again, and I scored this red Soco bag. I love it!!! Just what I really like. Lots of compartments, big enough to put a laptop in. And it hasn’t even been used.  Original tag price, plus those foamy fillers they put inside the compartments were still there.

Phnom Penh Shopping

Phnom Penh Shopping

Phnom Penh Shopping

Best of all, I got it for a super steal price – $1.25! I guess I got lucky.. I also saw a cute ice blue Nine West clutch bag for only $.75 and I really regret not grabbing it too. I was too enamored with the red bag that I forgot the blue one was a cool find too.. Hmm, I’ll visit JT again next week..

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    1. My Miscellany, hmmm its not a meme, i was just doodling sa photoshop the other day and decided to create badges for my favorite post categories, but i kinda like your idea. ano kaya start tayo ng ‘bargain hunter’s’ meme? I could create a sub-domain blog specially for that.. hehe food for thought..

  1. Yeah, that’s a good idea.  Perhaps a stand-alone blog where PELUKA sisters (and others) can blog/share our loot in that blog! Go, go, go! Sali ako dyan 🙂

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