Sihanoukville Beach Weekend..

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Something spontaneous. That’s how hubby plans his trips so this is no longer a surprise. Last week he just came up with the idea of going to the beach coz Phnom Penh is too hot. So okay, we packed some swimming gear, called our usual hotel for a bungalow and set off early Saturday. We usually take Capitol Bus (near Orussey Market), RT to Sihanoukville costs just about 30,000 Riels (about $8).  We left around 7:15 am, stopped one time somewhere in between for some snacks, and before 12 noon we were already settling in nicely at our hotel.

Orchidee.. Popular with expats. Good value hotel, really friendly service and just a few hundred meters from the beach and dining options, and yes they do have a lot of orchids..

a major reason why we always book with Orchidee.. the pool!

After a quick lunch, the kiddo was all excited to swim already so we just walked over to nearby Ochheuteal Beach. This beach is really popular and could get really crowded but I prefer swimming here as the water is shallow, the sand oh-so-fine and there are lots of seaside bars you can order drinks from. I plopped down on one cushioned recliner (rent it for just a dollar) with a huge shady umbrella while the kiddo and hubby frolicked in the waves.

seaside bars..

a stretch of the beach…

I was not yet even seated for 5 minutes and a couple of beach vendors began asking me to buy this and that. This used to annoy me but I learned that a firm NO they can easily understand. But I gave in to one lady asking if I wanted to clean my toe nails. I haven’t had a pedicure for ages so I said yes. So I got a little foot pedicure complete with scrub.

the pedicure lady…and she favors multi-colored nails!

the bead girl I had fun talking with..

A child sauntered near and asked me to buy some of her jewelry, I said no, but I can’t help but engage her in a conversation. She’s 12, goes to school in the morning, afternoon she spends her time selling accessories on the beach and also she said she practices her English with barangs and in the evenings she does her homework. I had a really interesting conversation with her and I found it admirable she speaks an almost perfect English.

After a few hours of swimming, we had to drag kiddo out of the water lol! and went back to the hotel, but I guess the few hours swimming wasn’t enough for her coz she went right into the swimming pool for another hour. Then we had a quick snack of pizza then met up with hubby’s colleagues for dinner.

We got up early the next day. Had our free breakfast buffet and headed over to where else but the beach again. This is the best time for me to swim, early morning till about 8 or 9 am. Then we moved to the pool.. Then it was time for lunch, I was too exhausted I just opted to have a tuna sandwich. Then it was time to head back to Phnom Penh. Hmmm, I wonder I feel so tired but relaxed at the same time..

too much swimming and this happens… hehe that’s the kiddo playing around.

Capitol Tours

14AEo, Street 182

beside Capitol Guesthouse

+(855) (0)23-217627

Orchidee Guesthouse

#23 Tola St Ochheuteal Beach, Sihanoukville

+(855) (0) 34 933 639 | +(855) (0)12 380 300


9 Replies to “Sihanoukville Beach Weekend..”

  1. hi ms.lui! nice weekend! sarap naman!

    kami we’ll spend holy week sa batangas din, punta fuego.. can’t wait.. will post din sa facebook! 🙂 …. add me ? 🙂


  2. Lui, dakulaon na si Chinks – she looks dalaga na in the picture, but still the goofy! Chinks that we love. We’re also planning to go to Kep mid-of-this-month. It’s R’s first activity in school and sabit lang ako! hihihi
    It looks almost unbelievable the beach is not crowded in SHV – beat the beach rush hour by coming in very early in the morning. The sun’s not so hot yet, too.

    1. its crowded in the afternoons zees. kaya ako i like swimming early morning di pa maiinit. i like Ochheuteal though coz maganda ang dagat, bagay sa kids. Sa Otres its too deep and ma-waves. Sa Sokha naman though its really clean and private di ko gusto ang dagat. medyo ‘bugsok’ ba.

  3. Tagal ko na gusto punta ng SHV. Pero hindi lagi natutuloy hehehe. Yung bus stop ba sa SHV malapit na sa hotel or you still need a ride?

    Baka sa KNY, matuloy na rin kami pumunta dun. Hehehe

    1. @Mumsified, its nice though not as stunning as Phuket or Boracay pero very laid back and best place to be lazy ang dating. and lots and lots of resto to try out. parang PP din. The bus stop is in the city centre about 10 mins ride frm the beaches. Most hotels – restos naman are near the beaches.

      Try out Sokhna or Independence may private beaches sila..And also the grilled food shacks along Tola St. Ochheuteal, winner talaga.

  4. hay palagay ko its time to go out of time for a change nandito ang isang pamangkik ko so my kasama na ako. Hmmm thinking this weekend would be good . It seems you and your family have fun.
    Pero init lang kasi sa byahe di ba ?

    1. @Polkadotte, sis for some reason mas maaga umulan sa SHV kesa dito. Sabi ni Sen ganyan daw sa South. on the way there, and at night and while we were traveling back, umuulan so it wasnt really hot. and yung temp was a lot cooler than here.. Punta kau =)

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